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  1. Rob
    Rob gww1
    Just to let you know I had to remove your avatar as it broke our terms. Please don't put the same one back. Thanks
  2. nailsy
    nailsy spurs mental
    Haven't seen you for a while SM. I hope everything's OK.
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  3. grittyspur1
    Holding my breath!
  4. dannythomas
    dannythomas SpurSince57
    We didn't hear from you for a long time SS57 ? Hope you are ok...
  5. PostmanNat
    PostmanNat northstandupper
    Alright son, are you and your old man going to be at the Watford or the Bournemouth games coming up? My brother and I bump into you and your old man in No.8 (used to be the bell and hare) before matches some times
    1. northstandupper
      Hello mate, heading up for the Bournemouth game 100%, not sure about Watford yet, gotta try and get it off work. You boys heading up?
      Mar 10, 2017
  6. king_yid
    king_yid samspurs92
    You still playing codRM?

    My XBL tag is K1NG YID

  7. VinVega
    In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, 'Au revoir, gopher'.
  8. allpaths
    KWP's a better RB then Trippier and I don't care who knows
  9. Archibald&Crooks
    I got 99 problems and the Spurs ain't one of them............
  10. Mullers
    Mullers Buggsy61
    Hi. Thanks I appreciate you saying that, same here, I dislike slanging matches, it's never personal when I disagree with someone, glad you watched the video and found it interesting.
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  11. Buggsy61
    Buggsy61 Mullers
    Hi. Know we will probably agree on precious little, but just wanted to say I appreciate the debates without rancour and cheers for the video link earlier - interesting stuff.
  12. Archibald&Crooks
    SC....Is tonight sponsored by Farleys Rusks
  13. Archibald&Crooks
    SC....Is tonight sponsored by Farleys Rusks
  14. Rocksuperstar
    ┬┐Por que no los dos?
  15. dondo
    I take pleasure in other people's leisure
  16. Mustard
    Mustard thebenjamin
    I like your posts.
    1. thebenjamin
      Cheers mate! Likewise.
      Feb 1, 2017
  17. whatsappnin
    Still banned from the transfer rumours, its only been 5 or more years I think
  18. StartingPrice
    StartingPrice oohaahedgar
    I rarely react to negatives, but ...why the SPAM for in the 'What our opponents are saying' thread? There's lots of off-topic posts in there (I guess few of which you have rated as SPAM, though that's what they are). But my post that you have so rated directly quotes one of our opponents' fans and then comments on it. The comment is via smileys, but that's my choice - it's still a comment.
    Really, would like to know.
  19. yankspurs
    In search of a bookie
  20. Wingnut_on_the_go
    Wingnut_on_the_go Rob
    Thanks Rob :) good idea, i'll email the club :)