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  1. yankspurs
    I love March Madness
  2. Seanson
    Member since 2005, Spurs since around 1970ish
  3. grittyspur1
    Still gutted!
  4. thecleverbit
    Laughing at West Ham since 1981
  5. CantSmileWithoutYou
    Picking up Cornflakes
  6. CantSmileWithoutYou
  7. K-Bear
    Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur
  8. grittyspur1
    AVB- what a Muppet!
  9. bungle4
    bungle4 taidgh
    Hello mate - is there any chance you could point me in the direction of the Brave New World ebook please?

    Much appreciated!
    1. taidgh
      shoot me your email and i'll mail it to you.
      Feb 14, 2018
    2. bungle4

      Feb 15, 2018
  10. tototoner
    convinced Harry Kane will break Jimmy Greaves Tottenham goal scoring record and Alan Shearer PL goal scoring record as a Tottenham player
  11. grittyspur1
    Lamela dived my ass!
  12. Archibald-CPH
    Ante Ćorić please
  13. TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Dundalk_Spur
  14. TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Dundalk_Spur
    Matthew, I saw yer post about importing motors.I thought that if you brought one in from the UK it was liable to VRT but 'Krule' recently came over. I was helping him with stuff and he mentioned about his 1 yr old Mazda and having to pay 3k in duty. I found out that if the car was reg'd in UK & owned for a certain period by the person coming over then there was an exemption.
  15. DotNetCoder
  16. Joshua shepherd
    Joshua shepherd lillywhites61
    Hello mate, I know you said you were selling flights, are you also selling the tickets? Would be happy to pay over fv if so. Cheers
  17. HobbitSpur
    HobbitSpur Rob
    Hi Rob. I live in Bali and my card does not allow me to make any payments on line or outside Indonesia. Is there any other way that I can make payment for example transfer funds into an account directly?
  18. CantSmileWithoutYou
  19. ParlyCicton
    The flu is the enemy
  20. KaneIsgod
    KaneIsgod Hercules
    I'm sorry for bothering you.Keep up the good work and I apologize for my inappropriate behavior.