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    PL Football January 23/24
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    League Cup 2015

    Sagna played him onside.
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    PL Football October 3/4

    Tadic is much better and more complete player.
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    PL Matches Sept. 19/20

    City is all over West Ham.
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    PL Matches Sept. 12/13/14

    Time for classic Stoke-o-mania approach,hoof ball to Crouch aka Fellani.:confused:
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    Our Next 6 League Matches

    my prediction is Everton - draw Sunderland-win rest - loss I think poch needs to change tactics to suit the players we have at our disposal otherwise he will be gone by Christmans.
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    The Weekend ITK Discussion Thread 18th/19th July 2015

    Victor Moses is a smokescreen to a fucking smokescreen!(n)