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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Didn't watch it but saw score at 70 mins and thought at least our lot will get a rest this summer ! Flipping bleep
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    Team v Chelsea

    On this thread I think most of us post what we think the team should be, not what it is going to be. If you think there's going to be any ambiguity about your post then it's best to spell out which straight away. Some people add both Unless it's Thinktank in which case it's definitely what...
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    Team v Chelsea

    Hate the international break. The better we have become, the less useful it has been as we see most of our players spending 180 mins trying not to get hurt <pukes green stuff>
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    A great weekend for us. Amazing effort really to be in this position after the schedule and the run of injuries Let's hope our lads play as few mins as possible in the international break. I really hope the club are asking about resting HK again. When we come back we should have a fit...
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    Match Threads Crystal Palace vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Great result and some great individual pluses (Foyth, Sissoko, Aurier very good and Alli hopefully back to 100% after the break). Big negative: I know they are knackered but the game management was poor. Really needed to clam up and fire it up to Son on the break. The one time we did that we...
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    Match Threads Crystal Palace vs Spurs - Match Thread

    It's one of those where they sit back and there's virtually no space. My one annoyance is how often Davies has been given the ball in space on the left wing and Moura has been inside heavily marked. Need to get the ball to Moura in space !
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    Match Threads Crystal Palace vs Spurs - Match Thread

    I meant that his comment about Sanchez 'brainfarts' was bizarre :-)
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    Match Threads Crystal Palace vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Two backup DMs in an away game at a London rival with one of the best AMs in the country is no problem for me after 5 games in 13 days. Provided that we have players ahead of them to create and score. Which we do. This is called using the squad. I do wonder, however, if one of the two was...
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    Quick RB Poll

    The overriding observation on our RBs for some time has got to be that they are a bit short up top. Only Walker has had the natural talent to make up for that. I thought Aurier had too but he just doesn't seem to learn and hasn't improved. Really think we need to get KWP more starts and see...
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    Match Threads Wolves vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Because English is not his first language ? I would say don't be such a dick but perhaps you don't realise. Some abstract nouns in English end in 'ivity' e.g. exclusivity, sensitivity. Others end in 'sion' e.g. aggression or 'ism' e.g. impressionism and so on. When learning a language it is...
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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread (EFL Cup)

    It's on Quest channel starting now
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - Match Thread

    One of these teams is definitely going to win, unless it's a draw I have to say that we have a history of surprising the other 4 big clubs when totally unexpected so there's always hope. We're expected to lose so little pressure except to avoid being embarrassed. I really would like to...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - Match Thread

    I'm thinking / hoping for same as that 1-1 with Sunderland about 10 years ago. Pitch was so bad we had child-like line drawings of it going round :-)
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    Poch is anti-brexit

    Roberts84 are you 84 by any chance ?