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    Paulo Gazzaniga signs!

    As a mentor for Foyth?
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    Kyle Walker

    A hell of a lot of money for a Spurs reserve!
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    Mine's £278. was £310 in Paxton lower.
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    Spurs in Portugal?

    Now home. I didn't find a particular Spurs bar. But plenty of sports bars that were packed.
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    Spurs in Portugal?

    I've just arrived in Albufeira. So another one looking for a Spurs pub on Saturday.
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    Personal memrobilia - share your story

    In the early 60's I was on holiday at Pontins Holiday camp Bracklesham Bay. A football match was arranged between the campers and Staff. John white was there to coach the campers. I now have a book called Spurs Supreme, with the great John White's autograph, shortly before he was killed.
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    Tottenham Vs Millwall: Match Thread

    It I quite expected to read this morning that a few had been smashed up overnight!
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Or will they stop you taking spanners in and taking you own seat home?
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    How stressful has this season been for you?

    I'm 68. Attended almost every home home and many away. But like you I can't bear to watch more than snippits on TV until game is over. Silly isn't it?
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    Summer Transfer Wish List

    I havnt posted for many years, if at all. I'm afraid I am a long term lurker senior citizen.
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    Summer Transfer Wish List

    really dont know what you are talking about. I have never posted on here, and certainly wouldnt bother rating someones post!
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    What's your oldest Spurs Programme

    I have my dads collection dating back to mid 1930's, currently in my loft, awaiting my retirement, when I shall get around to sorting them all out and maybe selling. Although my grandaughter shows signs of collection Spurs stuff, so maybe just pass on to her(her mum won't be happy though!)
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    The NextGen Series 2011/12 Tournament thread

    They beat Ajax?
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    London Southend Airport

    Easyjet starting in April.