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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    Vorm 0 - his failure to kick it long and insistence to keep playing it short invites pressure and creates nerves Davies 1 - if he turns his back or backs off his man one more time the next time I meet him I’m going to strangle him. Bloke has been dreadful this year even more wales! Looks so...
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    Team Vs Brighton

    For me it’s got to be Gazzaniga Sanchez Toby Jan Aurier Rose Wanyama Dele Eriksen Lucas Kane If dele isn’t fit play Amos...
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    Mauricio Pochettino

    Personally think the bad feeling with the fans the board It has all transpired to the staff the whole place has a negative attitude and he’s not helping the silly quotes he gave in the press conference the biggest mistake was saying we were poor after that united game. Killed momentum. The...
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    Mauricio Pochettino

    He’s got to take the blame for that one I’m sorry. The winks sub is ridiculous
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    Eric Dier- defender or midfielder ?

    Neither, the most overrated footballer I have ever seen. Jack of all trades master of none. The new Gareth Barry except Barry was better.
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    Team vs inter

    Glad hes dropped trippier bloke has been useless this season so far way more focussed on doing the glitzy stuff rather than doing what hes meant to do out there and defend.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    All 3 have played there at some point vertonghen was actually turned the other way from CDM Into a centre back pretty sure Toby was similar
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    Bloke can’t get consistent minutes in the championship vastly overrated when he was physically superior to his opponents
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    Player Watch: Christian Eriksen

    Spurs fans love him and I can see why But sadly he’s the one player on our team I just can’t seem to love something really annoys me about him just seems to passionless and effortless or snakey. So many times he just goes missing he’s like ozil in that regard he just really needs to add that...
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    Player Watch Dele Alli - Player watch

    Sadly for dele if our centre midfield stays like this he’s going to have to sacrifice his season to play deeper for us almost in a gerrard role
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    Has anyone got the videos of him playing centre midfield for Ajax?
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    Team vs inter

    Personally I would go for this Gazzaniga Aurier Toby Jan Davies Sanchez Wanyama Lucas Eriksen Lamela Son Sanchez has played in the middle for Ajax and done it well least with him we have some power and drive there and should not be out battled
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    Whoops missed Dembele out also 2 - bullied thought he was waiting for a bus at times no urgency and no care at all from him his body has gone
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    Vorm 0 - awful awful awful even the saves he did make he almost fucked. So easy to pin him to his goal line at corners to cause panic also. Trippier 2 - most overrated footballer I have ever seen a luxury player that is only of any use in a back 5 where we can cover his complete lack of...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Showed flashes off class but also naivety today Also visibly pulled out of tackles at times