Jun 10, 2004
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October 3
Barcelona, Sunny Spain

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Don't worry be happy, Male, from Barcelona, Sunny Spain

Nice one Heung-Min. Nice one Son. Aug 28, 2015

    1. OmarsComing
      you shouldnt go around giving new posters neg rep just because you disagree with them.
    2. eddiev14
      Cheers for the rep mate... talk about doom mongering eh? We'll go on another run, they'll see! :)
    3. nialsy2005
      cheers for the rep!
    4. Netty
      No problem, hope it's a good one!
    5. BorisTM
      I am clueless about what? At least clarify. And was I even talking to you to come and negative me? I might as well return the favor.
    6. Spurger King
      Spurger King
      Trust me..the feeling is mutual!
    7. IamCelestial
      cheers alamo ;)
    8. EastLondonYid
      glad u thought so.......cheers m8
    9. spud
      Thanks for the rep for my column. (This is becoming a habit!)
    10. spud
      I've just noticed that you gave me some rep a while back, and I wanted to say thanks. Thanks.
    11. sunnydelight786
      Fair enough but dont be dishing out bad rep over minor issues. Fact is, whether we like it or not, we are dropping silly points at both home and away. It was for that same reason why we did not finish 4h in 05-06, not just bacause of the ill fated West Ham game at the end.

      To even qualify for Europe this season (Europa or Champions League) is gonna take some doing as someone out of us, Villa City or Lpool is going to miss out. Dropping silly points at home to the likes of Wolves/Hull and away at Everton/Brum (when we are in winning positions) does not help our cause.....

    12. arnoldlayne
      Finally received the DVD!!
      Bloody post - went missing and had to re-order, but now I can settle down and wallow in some great memories!
    13. arnoldlayne
      Alamo :bowdown:

      That's fantastic! I'm afraid I had a tear in my eye and I loved seeing some of my favourite under-rated players like Galvin.

      Wonderful team and players who were PROUD to have the privilege of playing for Spurs.

      I've just ordered the DVD as a result!

      Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention!
    14. CosmicHotspur
      Those clips are fantastic and I'm posting them in the History Thread with a credit to you for sharing them.

      How could you think it would bother me to see such great footage?! Brought back many memories and I shall savour them and watch them over and over again. Thanks ever so xxx
    15. mendesstormer
      Hi there, Alamo. I posted this in the Chat thread, but you didn't respond, so I just thought I'd be cheeky and send it directly to you.

      Really enjoyed those [your goals vids]. THanks very much.
      Do you by any chance have any extended footage of Hoddle in his prime? I'd love to see a whole match again of him in his full glory. The goals are great, of course, but it's when you get to see his range of passing and the ease with which he drifts past opponents that you can really appreciate the genius. I'm thinking something like the Feyenoord tie with Cruyff playing (first half particularly, of course). The sad thing is the cup finals that are readily available weren't outstanding games for Glenn personally.
      You'd be doing the Spurs community (in the wider sense) a great favour if you managed to put something like this up for download somewhere.
    16. alextheyid
      cheers bud :up: appreciated!
    17. ShelfSide18
      Cheers mate, no problem. Although it might be a while to get that good excuse! Especially as I've injured my wrist and typing is painful!
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    October 3
    Barcelona, Sunny Spain


    Cliff Jones: "I remember the great Bill Nicholson speaking to me after one game, he asked me whether I knew the ball was round and that it rolled on the ground. When I said yes he said: ‘Well pass the bloody thing then’."