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    Spurs ‘within touching distance’ of stadium green light with update due soon

    What a daft comment. The stadium delay will cost the club far more money in than it will earn them. So why you think Levy would plan that just to screw over a few season ticket holders in beyond me.
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    Audi and Spurs: A winning partnership

    Audi-re est facere
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    Tottenham need Alderweireld to prove his commitment

    Absolutely loved the quality he brought to our defense. If he can recapture that then absolutely the fans will want him to stay and play. Down to him now.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread DEADLINE DAY!

    A few million...... :D Pocket change
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    Alderweireld: World Cup proved Spurs snub unfair

    I refuse to let common sense get in the way of my headline induced righteous indignation.
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    Spurs v Juventus - team news

    Well if we can get away with playing 12 then we’re laughing all the way to the last eight.
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    Tiling begins on new stadium exterior

    I'm guessing the fans
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    So guys and gals, what do we know about Juventus?

    They really do have a link to Notts County: THE STORY BEHIND JUVENTUS’ ICONIC JERSEY "Juventus Football Club is the most successful and most supported team in Italy. ‘La Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady)’ is known by fans and...
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    Toby: "I'm calmer on the pitch than outside it!"

    Funny that, I'm calmer when Toby is on the pitch too as opposed to off it.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    OH MY SWEET LORD! What a fucking strike from big Vic!!!!!! That was fucking awesome I can't believe half of you miserable arse nuggets would rather argue the negatives as opposed to gushing over that utter fucking gem of a net buster. I'm gonna watch that again. (And again. And again).
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    Alderweireld declares himself fit

    I'm fit too!! (has been said by nobody ever except my wife or myself after a few pints)
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    Alli opens talks over new Tottenham deal

    Whilst not the most deserving on current form he, along with Kane, is our most valuable long-term asset. If the rise comes with an associated long term obligation and a nice hefty buy-out clause then it is win-win for us.
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    I'm not an accountant but...

    It's pretty fucking obvious that doing things within our limits has actually taken us a hell of a long way in the last few years thanks to astute financial management. It's not all that long ago that we got vigorously enthusiastic about qualifying for the UEFA for the first time in Christ knows...
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    Spurs V Juve 5th August

    Just seen the highlights. Kane is looking wonderfully sharp.
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    The dilemma with Dier

    Amazes me that there is continual news speculation over someone coming in for Dier and yet Wanyama never gets a mention. The latter had a blinding season and I can't think of a team he wouldn't walk into.