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    Eriksen admits dislike for VAR

    Your point is valid, the ball is out of play quite a bit (although I'm not sure it's 35 minutes per match, but I've never timed this so it may well be the case). In terms of the VAR, the referee jogs/walks to the moniter from wherever he is on the pitch. All the players seems to congregate at...
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    Eriksen admits dislike for VAR

    Although we (Socceroos) benefited from the VAR I am also not a fan. It stops the game for too long and halts any momentum the game has. I know decisions will go against us at various points but they do tend to balance out over a season.
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    Goran bunjevcevic in hospital.

    All the best Goran.
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    Player Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    I'm hoping this can still be resolved post WC. Toby would strengthen any defence in the PL and whilst Levy will no doubt screw get top dollar for his departure there is no guarantee that any replacement bought would be as good. I know that is stating the obvious but the extra wages for Toby...
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    Sonny - Guardian article re South Korea military service / Asian games

    Good question. I don't know & I'm too lazy to google. He did play under SAF @ United that could almost be declared military service.
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    New Club Shop

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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Ahhhh now it makes sense ..... yellow & blue.
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    One was a thumping header. I could not believe how hard he headed that ball into the net. Given his FM fame along with the excellent 2 goal debut I thought we'd signed a superstar, who bang in 30 a season. Anyway, Lucas is saying all the right things and looked very good on the ball...
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    Is Pau Lopez not already with the club (on a permanent deal) ?
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    Player of the Season (so far)

    All 3 have been excellent, but Kane for me. If we lost Son or Vertonghen, it'd be a huge loss but if we lost Harry, we're little to no chance of finishing top 4 in the coming seasons ...
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    If you could choose who finishes outside top 4 ....

    Obviously City are away and we all want Spurs to finish 2nd (the best of the rest) but who would you really like to see miss out on top 4 ? For me the final result would be as follows: 1. City 2. Spurs 3. Chelsea 4. Liverpool 5. Man Utd I really have a serious dislike for Jose' and would love...
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    Spurs handed massive injury boost, 5 return

    Have we signed Chris Samba ? What the ?
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    Don't worry we have a few budding novelists on here .... you know who you are. :whistle: