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    Match Threads Inter Milan vs Spurs - Match Thread

    I hope Poch freshens up the midfield for Brighton. Some players look like a rest might benefit them ... and the team. I'm concerned but not worried at this stage. Anything less than 3 points vs Brighton may up the pressure a little more though ..
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Never punishes players ? Interesting. Maybe he should ? I'm sure Fergie had no issues about punishing players. Different kind of manager I know.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    It'd be interesting to know of any repercussion for that little (Major) cockup ..
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    Pochettino post Liverpool press conference

    I've wondered if Klopp was a little over-rated and he may well be but he speaks well & comes across well in interviews. He was saying before the game that he kept things pretty simple as he "didn't want to confuse the boys". I'm not sure if Poch is maybe is confusing our boys or not getting...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    I hope Kane runs rings around Lovren the worlds best defender. COYS.
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    Golden Cockerel to grace new stadium roof

    Would be on display somewhere in the Tottenham experience, I'd imagine ?
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    Golden Cockerel to grace new stadium roof

    They wanted one that was badly abused ..... oh wait.
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    The Cricket Thread

    What are their respective averages though ... ;) I like Jimmy Anderson. He has a bit of bastard to him, which i think fast bowlers need. However I think McGrath is a class above Jimmy as he could bowl well and get good returns all over the world, in any conditions. From what I have seen of...
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    C'mon Ajax, stop playing games. Just give us De Light AND Frankie, you know you're our bitch.
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    Team v Liverpool

    + 1 Dembele is much better value coming off the bench imo.
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    Are Ajax officially our feeder club ? ;)
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    The Cricket Thread

    Shane Warne is a bit of a twat (may be an understatement, I know) BUT he's (imo) the greatest bowler ever in the game of cricket. It's a travesty that he retired as early as he did and that he is behind Murali who (again imho) throws or "chucks" the ball. Leg spin as Sweetsman mentioned is...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    We've also had brown away kits .... ;)
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    Vertonghen comments on contract situation

    Being our best defender, I'd have thought that there would be a little more urgency in getting him on a new deal (ie for longer than 1 year)... It'd be interesting to hear why that hasn't occurred.
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    Wow. Someone needs a hug.