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    Sherwood has gone!

    I'm beginning to wonder if hiring Intertim Deadwood is part of a master plan by Levy to get all the fans behind the next manager. Redknapp had lovers and haters> Lovers became AVB haters who also had lovers and haters> AVB haters started off as Intertim lovers but are slowly becoming...
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    Aaron Lennon - Honest Opinions

    I really struggle to see why Lennon gets all the hate he does. Yes he hasn't reached the potential he probably should have but I don't think there are many players on the pitch that want to win as much as he does. There are now several managers in a row that have seen him as one of the first...
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    Ratings vs Arsenal

    Lloris: 7 could do nothing about the goal, nothing wrong with anything else he did. Naughton: 8 did very well, most of our decent opportunities were from his crosses. Kaboul: 6 hoping it is lack of fitness rather than a result of injuries that has caused the drop in class. Verts: 6 have the...
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    Tottenham Vs Arsenal: Match Thread

    Am I the only one looking at Townsend jogging back when we lose possession and thinking we miss Lennon?
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    I've been thinking about whether there's more than meets the eye with his injury. I remember Wenger alluding to Bale using growth hormone or similar when he was out for a period of time. I wonder if his absence is related to attempt to build is strength up for the PL in anyway.
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    Team v Arsenal

    I'd like to see: Lloris Walker Kaboul/Daws Verts Rose Sandro/Capoue Pauliniho Dembele Lennon Chadli Soldado I really believe that what Lennon & Chadli are able to offer when...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    How many Liverpool fans does it take to change a light-bulb? None, instead they all moan about how good the old one was and how Spurs brought the one they wanted.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 6th August 2013

    Gibberish is related to gibralter, solders claimed that the locals didn't make sense as they spoke (and some still do) a mixture of English and Spanish and hense spoke gibberish! Are there any decent footballers of gibralten decent? Edit: damn auto correct!