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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    What if Sancho didn't want to come to Spurs and Walker wanted out regardless - what are the realistic options, put guns to their heads ?
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    WImmer set for Stoke medical

    What if no club offered more than 15/18m what is DL meant to do, invoice them for 20m+ anyway ?
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    Alderweireld: 'zero' progress on new contract

    What if he wanted to go to City for wages that we couldn't possibly match, would Levy really be a zero and Conte proved right ?
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    Kyle Walker

    Let's not delude ourselves, if the oil money had come to us we would, in all likelihood, have done the same as City.
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    How Prince Harry became King Kane

    I think that Sherwood deserves a lot of credit, Poch has inherited a fantastic group of young players that allow him to implement his philosophy. What he has done over the past couple of Transfer Windows is identify specific types of players who can compliment what already has, hence sustainable...
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    Caulker to Cardiff

    Surprised like everybody else at Caulker going, but do you not think it instructive that he went to Cardiff - if he was that good would now have gone to a better team ? Without wanting to sound wise after the event I thought he was shaky the last few times I saw him, maybe he has reached his...
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    Gareth Bale (Rumour to Deal Done)

    I think all that will happen is that the release clause will be set at a level nowhere near the true value e.g. would Bale sign a contract with a release clause on £85 million or insist on something like £20 million - obviously figures plucked out of the air.
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    'Arry's Departure

    In all honesty why shouldn't AVB move on if he is successful - the club will sack him quick enough if he isn't successful. Clubs have the same level of sentimentality as FTSE 100 companies, and I am glad of that because look at the likes of Crystal Palace and Goldberg (?) when a fan runs the club.
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    i blame....... the media

    Don't see how keeping fan's favourites is the way to go, I want players who will help make us more successful and I don't think Dawson is one of them. God bless him he is whole-hearted but there are better players out there - and therein lies another problem, how do you define a fan's favourite...
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    Man up people

    Wow, 3 games in, and Levy must go, AVB is clueless, the formations all wrong, we're going to get relegated!!! Chill out, stop acting like over excited teenagers. There has been a major change to the squad. No matter what team that has a major overhaul, there is always a time period until players...
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    Jenas, Livermore, Defoe

    It's a joke how we left Ades signing so late, How can it be a joke when all the indications are that the hold up was between him and Man City - if Adebayor wanted to delay signing for us to make sure he got every last penny out of Man C then what can we do ? Or would you suggest we pay out money...
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    Retire Ledley's number?

    I hate it when clubs retire shirt numbers, it means that the player was bigger than the club. If you ask youngsters now about Gilzean, Greaves, White, Blanchflower at el do they appreciate how good they were, no because they never saw them play and so if their shirts had been retired then it...
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    John Bostock Potential loan to SJ Earthquakes (MLS)

    I don't know what he is like now but earlier in his career he would be tip top if everything was going his way but disappear when it wasn't, no good to us until he learns to deal with this.
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    One to cross off the list

    According to the Daily Mail Fabiano wants to either go to Man U or AC - definately not us. Brazil striker Luis Fabiano has revealed a move to Manchester United would be 'very attractive'. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has indicated there will be few changes to his playing...
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    Levy handed a lesson in how it is should be done.

    Had Man Utd been in our shoes, Arshavin would be theirs this morning Er, Arshvin would have to have left Russia first - rather more difficult than flying up to Manchester I feel, short of Levy physically stopping this from happening it is difficult to see what the club could have done.