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    Tottenham vs Liverpool: Match Thread

    Well, that's settled... Poch is a genius! All hail our master tactician!
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    Happy Birthday Darren Anderton

    Top class player and my favourite when I first started following Spurs. Love his hanging crosses that always find its way to a Spurs head, that corner routine with Sheringham, and his effortless long range shots that goes crashing in. Without his injuries, he would have achieved much more than...
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    Tottenham Vs Crystal Palace

    Feel that Wanyama and Dier partnership was absolutely not the issue today. Both Lamela and Erikson were just lacking quality in their final ball and Kane actually showed more when he put some nice passes through than both of them. People moan about the performance but look at Liverpool losing...
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    My all time favorite too. People raved about Beckham's crosses but he had honestly the best crosses from a winger I have seen....loved how it hangs in the air but always seemed to finds its way to our strikers.
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    Not sure if it is oldest but know its been held since early 90s. Competition usually have a mix of u15 and u16 squads and Singapore usually sends both age groups for it. Have seen a mix of European and South American youth teams in it so always a good mix of style for Spurs u15 to play against.
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    The All New Spurs U21, U18 & Other Youth News Thread

    Lion city cup has been going on for awhile but do not recall there ever being live broadcast. There should be decent teams in the cup so too bad I'm no longer based in Singapore or will love to head down for the games.
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    The Daniel Levy thread

    Today is a fantastic day for Spurs and every fan involved with the club. To see that some are still holding back and refusing to see the immense impact that Levy has done for not just to improve the Club but also to provide it with a sustainable structure that will enable Spurs to grow into an...
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    Player Watch: Nabil Bentaleb

    Do not disagree with Shard and you but just saying that it seems to me Poch favors Kane to be captain in future based on what happened on the pitch last season.
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    Player Watch: Nabil Bentaleb

    Looking at the signs I would say that Kane will be the more likely candidate for captain. He was already handed the armband once last season. Not disagreeing with the world class part though. Just hope he succeeds with us rather than away from us.
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    Highest Profit ever from an English Football Club

    This thread has been an interesting read for the myriad of opinions regarding the direction and definition of success for the club. The one thing that stands out clearly is that everyone is different in their opinion of the above two points of debate and certainly entitled to their opinion...
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    Aaron Lennon- Everton

    Seriously think that we have the wrong person out on loan. Say what you will about Lennon but he is much more likely to contribute to team pressing required than Andros. Much better team player.
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    Tottenham Vs Aston Villa: Match Thread

    Why no changes! That is what I am asking as game after game....we have seen the same level of performances. With no goals from Kane and Eriksen we just stop winning and the refusal to change things around except when he is forced to is really getting to me. I hope there is a really good reason...
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    Hope he is not the last arrival but getting deals done early will be great for the club and better than waiting for Levy time since all new signings get a proper pre-season to bed in.
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    Are our players fitter than opposition players?

    Don't think anyone is saying that we are as fit as Southampton were last season but it has been clear that we are clearly able to sustain a consistent level of pressing and play right till end of 90 minutes. Some slight change in personnel helped but believe improvements are there to be seen...
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    Lionel Messi- The Record Breaker

    Probably the motivation for him to be the greatest footballer of this generation. Any players in the Spurs squad that you do not rate too as that could be a spur for his success. Lamela? :D