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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Yes, this from a PR perspective is not good and opposition fans will make memes and say things on the internet but long term - what's new and who cares? I understand that from a credit/refund POV there will be concessions that need to be made, and I am willing to give the club time to sort...
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    Spurs in China

    Don't know about any of the supporter clubs here but there's plenty of places that show live games, Paddy's Irish Bar in Sanlitun for instance will show whatever game you ask them to...
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    Tottenham vs Chelsea: Match Thread

    Why does it feel like every time we play this lot at Wembley they score a freekick? Carling Cup Final and the 2 FA Cup Semis...sigh.Anyway..COYS!!
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    Danny Rose

    I'm sure it was picked up on here at the time, but Graham Hunter on his podcast a few weeks back, alluded to the idea that similar to Walker, there were questions about Rose's professionalism etc. and the only reason he hasn't been sold is because we didn't want to let two full-backs go in the...
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    PSG vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Thread

    Onomah playing with a swagger that looks like it came as a result of winning the U20 World Cup. Hope he can keep it up!
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    Best goal ever scored at White Hart Lane

    Huddlestone's thumper against Bolton. Huge goal that went some way to securing CL that season. For a large part of that first half it looked like one of those games where it just wasn't going to happen. Also remember him scoring a sweet left footed half volley vs Arsenal that season.
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    PL club you like least...

    Chelsea: large number of blinkered casually racist fans, Russian mafia ownership (Matthew Syed's SSN piece a must view), possibly the largest collection of whiney, self-important players AND they beat us 4-0 in the FA Cup QF's in my first ever game at WHL! I would say Liverpool, but how can you...
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    A few shocking realisations...

    My biggest bugbear is when an attacking player is shielding the ball by the corner flag surrounded by 1 or 2 defenders, and more often than not, the ref will blow for free kick to the defending team, regardless of foul play or not. :banghead: