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    20 November 1997

    We also left early in that one too mate just it was 15 minutes to go this time!.
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    20 November 1997

    That result out of all of them in the 90’s Is the one that really truly hurts. The amazing thing was it was 1-1 at half time. An absolute debacle in the second half. I was with my brother and his kids in the Paxton. And we left with 20 mins to play when it was 1-4. Got back to the car turned the...
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 27 (10 July)

    Top save Hugo world class.
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    VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

    I’ve never laughed so much as when that second goal went in . So pleased for Sonny. I was against VAR at first but now with all the controversy and mostly correct decisions it turns a dull game into an exciting experience.
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    Fixtures out on the 14th

    How’s this for spursy. First ever game at new stadium and my nephew is getting married we are away the whole weekend 😂
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Newcastle United Match Thread

    . I have met him mate, as I am in the printing trade and at my previous job he was one of our clients. Nice guy but a massive Chelsea fan and also with his West Ham links he hates Spurs.
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    Defining moments

    Walking home yesterday surrounded by Man Utd fans. I actually approached one to be gracious saying well done. You know what I got? a sneer do we want to be like that, support a club that when they win it just feels false. I don’t I’m prepared to wait because I know when we do win a trophy it...
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    Defining moments

    Behind poch 100% it will be so much sweeter when we do finally win some trophies.
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    SC Season Ticket Holders Seat Locations 2018-2019

    Block 209 Row 15 Seat 185 :)
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Im in the same boat mate been going with my brother and his two kids for over 20 years. I'm in phase 2 he's in 4 and his kids are phase 1. Just wondered I will probably wait till we get to phase 4 and hope we can all sit together.
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    Sorry no chance, for that to happen you need a defence. ;)
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    Son: West Ham fans know why I shushed them after goal

    Love him as a player and seeing him do that in front of those small time inbreds made it even better.
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    Chelmsford Shop.

    No mate i'm from Billericay but live in Laindon and if we have a drink it used to be in The Bill Nick. There are no good pubs in Basildon Laindon!. And where i live its infested with West Ham fans.
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    Chelmsford Shop.

    And a few of us in Billericay, Basildon and Laindon. (y)
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    Endless questions about Spurs authenticity are joyless

    If I could winner this, I would a million times over. Spot on.