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    Who will be our next manager?

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    Three players who could improve Tottenham Hotspur

    I'm not sure I think Givet is an improvement on BAE--Carlton Cole? Complete waste...
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    Ruud Van Nistelrooy

    It would be nice to have our own horse...
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    Should we sell Chirpy in the summer?

    Chirpy is the heart and soul of this operation...
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    Download of the match?

    James usually posted torrents and megaupload links; there's a distinct possibility that there isn't a torrent up yet--usually there is a torrent first and then someone posts the ML links, I used to post match downloads on a Spurs blog I did a while ago, if I come across anything I'll post hit...
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    Bolton Away - What's It Like?

    The food is terrible, as I recall...
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    Alan Hutton

    either way, having Hutton fit and ready to play can hardly hurt us.
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    Who is the new scapgoat?

    defo rotation...
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    When the Harry honeymoon ends....

    How I've missed the nay-saying, how I've missed SC.
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    If you want someone to blame then blame me!!

    I blame everyone.
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    Arsenal 1 Hull 2

    Well, they didn't look half bad against the Scum and we looked lifeless today. We should win, but will we? 'Tis the question...
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    *** PORTSMOUTH v SPURS *** Official Match Thread

    *Frustrated sigh*
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    Arsenal 1 Hull 2

    The bottom of the table is a bad place from which to point and laugh. No joy in the Scum's misery for me...
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    Thank god for Darren Bent

    Sounds good to me! :up:
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    Thank god for Darren Bent

    I agree with all the positive sentiments expressed here about Bent, I thought he was quite impressive against Wilsa--gave a great effort, going after the ball and should have had the brace were it not for a terrible off-sides call. Go on Benty!