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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester United - FA Cup Semi final Match Thread

    How can I watch this in Australia?
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    Spurs wonderkid can't stop scoring

    Uh-huh ... had you even heard of him before this thread?
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Juventus

    I haven’t seen the game but it’s exciting reading about it from everyone here, and particularly about Dembélé, who I have of course been watching in the Prem. Anyone know how I can watch the Juve game in Australia? Don’t think SBS had even CL highlights. Thanks.
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    What the pundits are saying about us

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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 9th June 2016

    Are you calling our chairman a buffoon?
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    Average league positions over the last 50 years

    No, it's not saying that. Our average position is 9th (or 8.84), which is the fourth best record in that period.
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    Eric Dier spent hours practising free-kicks from an early age mirroring his idol David Beckham... it

    If he'd been 'mirroring' Beckham in practising his free kicks he'd have taken them with his left foot, so this makes no sense.
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    Spurs players at Euro 2016

    I agree, I thought Walker had an excellent game. He seemed to be much more of an attacking threat than he generally is for us. I wonder whether that's simply a reflection on the Russian defence or whether he's capable of doing it in the PL.
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    Euro Watch – Will England press all the way?

    Pochettino or Klopp could phone this in as a holiday job and take England further than Hodgson.
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    Still trying to explain the unexplainable

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    Spurs are on their way to Wembley, connected by EE, next season

    For half our first team it's already their home ground.
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    Dier calls on England to adopt some of the dark arts at Euro 2016

    Sorry, Jimmy, but this still reads as though you're reacting to a selective reading of the leader piece. As an experiment, but try reading the article without the headline and the last couple of paragraphs, and remember that Dier didn't know how he'd be presented. Not sure about using Mackay's...
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    Dier calls on England to adopt some of the dark arts at Euro 2016

    With respect, @Gilzeanking and @JimmyG2, you appear to have skimmed the article/interview and reacted only to what we already know has annoyed you. Under 20% of the content which directly quotes Dier concerns the Chelsea game, and even then he doesn't advocate we repeat it. It's mostly about his...