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  • Very poor. But your tiring crusade to portray him as poor even when he is playing well is what is boring. You keep blazing, I'll just keep neg repping you, no skin off my nose.
    Dude, what's happened with your rep? :-O

    Someone must be playing about surely?!?! :lol:

    I'd better pop you some green stuff to beat the red down!
    So the fact that I don't like Modric is enough to label me a "non-spurs" supporter, despite the fact I have defended BAE, Jenas, Bentley, Palacios, Pavlyuchenko, and others of our players who get repeatedly slated by the so called "spurs fans". Modric is overrated and he gets far more credit than he actually deserves and the worst part is that it comes at the expense of the rest of our players.
    mate. you repeatedly slate modric despite the fact he is one of the classiest players i have ever had the pleasure of witnessing in a spurs shirt. i am truly amazed you can't see that

    i apologise for the neg rep in the heat of the moment when we were losing i will do the opposite when i have the chance.

    but i stand by the fact modders is true class (despite his somewhat off day today)
    Was my concern about Caulker going on loan during an injury crisis really worth a neg rep? Really?
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