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Jul 28, 2004
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Aug 27, 1985 (Age: 32)
The side of a motorway

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I BELIEVE, Male, 32, from The side of a motorway

I'd drive him down. Along with Bale and Ginola, easily the player I've derived the most pleasure from watching. Jan 17, 2014

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Feb 24, 2018 at 12:18 PM
    1. DoublePivot
      Thanks for the rep. It was truly awful and probably deserved a ban for stupidity :)
    2. Rocksuperstar
      Mission accomplished, dude :dance: :lol:
    3. Bill_Oddie
      Hehe, yep absolutely. If I do use it then I'll credit and definitely link the podcast
      (always found on I'm not sure I'll get it in this week (mon), though. It's usually a tight ship and there'll be a fair bit of FA Cup stuff. Maybe when the window closes and we do a transfer round-up - Spurs may even have signed some more CBs by then! :wink:

      Hope all is good
    4. ERO
      And rightly so!

      (wooo! I got my first visitor message where noone called me a Wooley!)
    5. brendanb50
      :lol: No worries mate, I think you're response policy in regards to 'you know who' is probably for the best!
    6. kezza
      I always give rep when people make me laugh! You are a funny sod!
    7. Archibald&Crooks
      Into Spurs chat for a little while, to see if we can get people to start commenting a bit more :wink:
    8. spurs mental
      spurs mental
      No bother mate. Been on here a few years now, I know you'd never write anything like that anyway. You're one of my favourite posters and I always enjoy reading your stuff so it was an easy decision to back you up. :up:
    9. Bromavinci
      Get a life? Me? I negged you b/c you came in and detracted from a thread that, according to your good self, was mistimed. Maybe you had a point, maybe you didn't, but imposing your own ideas of what is right and wrong in terms of when threads should be started is a bit self indulgent, no?

      You are obviously an intelligent young man and on the whole I enjoy your posts, but you do (and this is purely an 'internet' observation) have a tendency to condescend, and there is an element of the 'holier than thou'.

      I suggest you re-read what you posted to me and perhaps the original statement stands appropriate, pull your head in.
    10. rez9000
      The rep was throughly deserved. I think common to any internet forum is the type of person who just cannot grasp certain ideas, and you, I and a couple of others seem to fall foul of them on a regular basis.
    11. Raxscallion
      Cheers BBLG. I was quite pleased with that effort! :-)
    12. Luka Lennon
      Luka Lennon
      that's because it was gay
    13. ChRiStOpHe
      Course. I have no issue with you, fella :up:

      I enjoy a good debate every now and then, so cheers :-D Oh, and keep up the "annoying" attempts and pointing out everything good. Positivity breeds success. More people like you needed at le Lane :-)
    14. ChRiStOpHe
      This really isn't a big deal :lol: You shouldn't take a neg' repping to heart :-) If it was positive, you'd have no doubt smiled (at best) and forgot it ever happened. Do the reverse with the red stuff :wink:

      I didn't post it in the thread as this is more a 'ChRiStOpHe thinks BB_lG should be more balanced in his arguments' than anything anyone else wants to hear. PM could have been used, but it's a bit wank. You made an opinion that I think is cobblers, and have said it numerous times before. The Barnet comment I'm sure sounded funny in your head, but for someone I've never seen say a good word about the fella (sorry if you have and I've missed it, but I've not missed multiple slants posted by yourself in his direction), it was just another put down of a very unfairly treated Spurs player.

      I guess I'm a lot more tolerable when people overrate our players. Sure it's misleading and a bit simple, but it's positive posting, and that's never a bad thing. I'm also less likely to disagree with the anti-Keane posters as, while he hasn't bad a disaster (6 league goals this season is not disastrous), he has been pretty poor - and very poor by his own standards. My take on your slagging Alan Hutton off time-and-time-again is the same one I took when 90% of this board (and 99% of every other football-related board) said Heurelho Gomes wasn't up to it. A 'who is the worst player in the EPL' thread on a Rangers forum I go on every now and then got Gomes 3 mentions on a 3 page thread. That's moronic, and I said so at the time. Alan Hutton is not as bad as most are making out, and dammit, if I want to make a stand against the unfair tripe being slung in his direction by people who can't understand why he's not performing, then I bloody well will. I neg repped Gomes haters on occasion, and I'll do it again here. Difference is, Gomes was always going to turn it around. Hutton probably wont; at least at Spurs. The only way he'll make it here is if Levy sells Lennon in the summer, Harry resigns in protest, and we appoint Alex McLeish as manager, who reverts to a 4-1-4-1, with 4 central midfielders. Pretty unlikely. What is more likely is that a manager with a bit of common sense - one that generally sets his team up with a more defensive and narrow mentality - will pick up Hutton for about half the price we paid for him, and by giving him a proper run in the team, and within a system that he's comfortable with, Hutton will prove himself to be one a very good player again.
    15. ChRiStOpHe
      I neg repped you for once again sounding off about how Alan Hutton is no where near good enough for Spurs without ever, ever offering any sort of balance to the argument. You never acknowledge that he might be a very good player in the wrong system (which is the case), nor do you ever mentions his merits as well as his deficiencies (though it wouldn't suprise me if you genuinely couldn't see anything of merit from him, as you've clearly already decided he's shit, and that's that :-) (smiley simply for DC_Boy purposes).

      If there's one thing that annoys me on the board, it's completely 1 sided opinions. I want everything to have 2 sides - I want there to be numerious shades of grey. Black and white piss me off. I've been guilty of it in the past with my hatred of Chimbonda, so I'm not claiming to be whiter than thou. Far from it. But on the odd occassion I'm guilty of it myself, I'd far rather someone metaphorically takes me to one side and, with good arguing skills, an understanding of the game, and a well thought out approach, shows me that Chimbo did in fact do a better job than I gave him credit for at the time, which he did.
    16. DJS
      Heh heh cheers for the rep mate - people posting in the thread didn't seem to get that I was being kinda sarcastic! :lol:
    17. jrio
      You utter tool. You're smaller than I thought you were, and that was minuscule.
    18. spurs_girl_tasha
      awww old :p
    19. spurs_girl_tasha
      tut tut.

      i should really write my personal statement for uni but it's really hard and I don't know where to start so I haven't lol
    20. spurs_girl_tasha
      thought you were revising :p
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    Aug 27, 1985 (Age: 32)
    The side of a motorway
    A living caricature of myself!


    'The great fallacy is that the game is first and last about winning. It's nothing of the kind. The game is about glory. It's about doing things in style, with a flourish, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom.'