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    Team v Fulham

    KWP over Aurier any time ; Aurier has no football brain and the most obvious tell was on sat when there where at least five players closer to Kennedy than Aurier was and his man to mark was Kennedy Im sure you know the incident I'm talking about but this is not an isolated incident
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    Player Jack Grealish

    Maddison was never an option after the abuse he hurled at spurs and in particular bale after what he said he does not deserve a spurs deal
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    Man Utd expect to sign Spurs man in next 48 hours

    toby greedy git Dembele selfish git If these people don't want to play for us then the quicker we get rid the better to me they are stinking the place out I don't care how good these players are or have been if they don't want us myself as a supporter do not want them history with the likes of...
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    Inter Milan fail in Mousa Dembele bid

    if he does not want to sign a new contract to my eyes he wants out Or he could run down his contract and leave on a Bosman in which case he is looking for a big signing on fee with a new club when his current contract runs out All I can say is that Poch insists on total commitment and if Dembele...
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    Inter Milan fail in Mousa Dembele bid

    So Dembele wants out and all here seem to be o.k.with him staying ;well I am wanting him gone big time He has had a lucrative offer from china but turned it down stating it was not the right time for downgrading to asia He was wanted by Inter Milan but wanted to wait for a bigger club/offer...
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    Player Anthony Martial

    If you think what we are doing in this transfer window is stressful (nothing) then you have no idea how the spurs faithful felt after the Schoular debacle.For someone like myself who saw his first game in 1951 and have been a regular ever since .I must say taking family out of the equation it...
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    Man Utd expect to sign Spurs man in next 48 hours

    I believe toby is stinking the place out please just FO so we can get on with our plans The same as Dembele he is showing no respect to the club or fans ;he wants to move but will not go His reason for turning down the Chinese offer is that it was not the right time to go to Asia He has also...
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    Player Jack Grealish

    someone said his agent wants him to stay at Villa since when do agents not want a deal From what I have seen all agents are interested in is earning money for themselves and bugger the client he can go to any club anywhere as long as the agents get there %
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 19th July

    So Zaha plays for the Ivory Coast how does that make him English
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    Alderweireld: World Cup proved Spurs snub unfair

    so you can believe or back Toby or you can back the manager ;for me no contest What is it with players like Toby even to some extent Dembele also Rose they get noticed thru the relative success at Spurs and suddenly they want the world and all thats in it ;I say wankers all of them they want out...
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    R.I.P gilzean

    my sons asked me what type of player Gilzean was my reply was think of Berbatov and you get the idea but I must say Gilly was far better with his head he and greaves had this understanding that when the ball was played in the air up to Gilzean Greaves would run past him to receive a deft...
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    Player Wilmar Barrios

    He reminds me of Kante on his performances in the World Cup and if he was purchased it would allow Dier to play centre half and would give us Wanyama Winks Barios as defensive midfielders wow. just wow
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 18 (1 July)

    Am I the only one that finds Ticka Tacka football really boring to watch ;evidence the Mexican wave a sure sign that whats going on in the match is very dull With Guardiola the main man in this type of play it is possible that other teams will adopt this type of play in the premier league as...
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    Ed Woodward makes Anthony Martial decision

    The only hardball is being played by United and they don't like the fact that we may sign Martial little old Tottenham who do they think they are? I think they had better get used to the idea that we are no longer also rans who must not get above their station
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    Player Tanguy Ndombele

    Dembele has great power and it is not easy to get the ball off of but I have to say he hardly ever scores a goal or practically never creates a goal scoring pass and to my eyes he is massively overated There are plenty out there if you just want a spoiler which is what Dembele is