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    Spurs in Switzerland

    Hi Dani,will be out for the Wembley-Cup at your BBQ party,sorry, but hope we will meet again at the Lane sometime...,booked flights for the ManUre game in September!!! COYS Peter from the german Spurs
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    Spurs Germany

    Normally I would be also in the Westfalenstadion,but I´m on holiday....What do you want to know about Dortmund?? Where to drink? There ´s an Irish pub near the main Train station called Limericks, near the stadium is a beergarden in the old stadium Rote Erde....
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    The Bundesliga thread

    today Dortmund-Hoffenheim 0:0,was a very good,intensiv fighting, game. KPB didn´t play ,he was injuried:bang:
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    How Many Mancs Came Down Today?

    but they were very quiet yesterday,was in the south upper and heared them only a few times,for me it was a good home support,especially in the last 10 min.,when manure tried to make pressure for the winning goal.....
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    Standing terrace

    They never went away from standing areas in Germany, only for international games you have all seaters.For example in Dortmund you have the home terrace with 25.000 people ,and for UEFA-Cup games they change this with mobile seats to 10.000 peope.But the most clubs make the standing aereas for...
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    Tymoshchuk,Arshavin & Pogrebnyak

    I´ve read in a german newspaper that Bayern Munich is in for Tymoshuk for 15mil. €, they will replace van Bommel and Ze Roberto....
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    The Bundesliga thread

    saw it too, but for me, not so neutral, as Dortmund is my home team, Borussia was the better team but HSV had the better striker...The change betwin HSV and Dortmund with Petric for Zidan looks till now as a flop:bang:
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    Fulham Neutral Stand

    thanks:beer:,was the only chance to get a ticket for an away game without a membership here from germany:bang::bang: Now beeing a member,thinks are a little bit easier,but the ticket prizes drive me mad-this year 48 pounds for Foolham ????
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    Fulham Neutral Stand

    was there in 2007, my first away game.It was a mixture of tourist, Foolham and Spurs fans,but most be Spurs.Good atmosphere:razz:
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    Lee to Dortmund - Official

    sorry that the little man is no longer a Spurs player,but good for me, I can support him every two weeks in the home games from Dortmund.
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    Sunderland - what if we lost?

    Come over from Germany for the game, till now haven´t seen any home defeat in the last 3 years at WHL...... (when I was there) so we will win!!!:beer:
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    Spurs Germany

    Hi ,back again.... was in Berlin supporting my home team in the german cup-final against Bayern.Was a great game ,but Toni makes the difference..... Now looking forward for pre season in Rotterdam ,will be there for that weekend,lovely tornament with good teams!!!
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    this win celebrated all over the world

    Also in Germany !!! We watched the fantastic final in our spurs-flagged pub with 15 yids. :-):-)
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    *** SPURS v READING *** Official Match Thread

    5 goals in 9 minutes.....and the right end for spurs, great game !!!
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    Spurs Germany

    He is our chairman, and the greatest Spurs fan in Germany I know. Was yesterday with him at the Lane!!! :-)