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    A legitimate criticism of Aaron Lennon?

    think it is Charlie not able to always provide the pass required. Lennon is not the problem, with Walker or someone else it will be much better.
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    Come On You Spurs Fans

    great post. All together now. COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sandro is going to be a legend at Spurs.
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    Harry gets soaked

    Video is here.
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    this win celebrated all over the world

    From Cape Town here, watched at home alone but it was great. My daughter who is 8 was watching with me on and off and when she wasn't she'd say call me when there is a goal dad. And at the final whistle we celebrated wildly.
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    Berbatov's Attitude

    Loved the way Keane came on afterwards to find Berbs. they are a special unit for us, and both no doubt, and clearly share a bond. Defoe who?
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    A Salute To Martin Jol

    good on you mate. martin jol loves spurs and spurs loves martin jol.