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    Poch needs to take a long hard look at himself.

    Beat Chelsea and all is forgiven!
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    Bon Voyage!

    I've been in Adelaide for over a year now, and haven't looked back! bought a house, a little yid on the way! and its easier to blank out the bad results with a 10.5 time difference! :)
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    Andre Schurrle

    So thats Liverpool out then! :)
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    PLAYER WATCH: Soldado

    I've just played my second wild card in fantasy football and brought him in cus he's gonna bang them in second half of the season! I believe! COYS!
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    Andre Villas-Boas

    funny looking the the link it says Ramos!!!
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    Smear campaign against Baddiel

    This 100%
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    Tottenham Cakes

    I'm going to pick up a batch of them to take to work today! My last day! =D
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    Christian Eriksen - Completed

    How did he get the job and how is he still in it! So cringe worthy and hard to watch!! :banghead:
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    Christian Eriksen - Completed

    Video just been posted on spurs Facebook page of Christian skinning a few players and slotting it home, in training! Looking forward to seeing this lad play! Need someone to replace VdV! Edit. Good work bofbro! That's the badger! =D COYS!
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    Every Gareth Bale Goal For Spurs - Video

    Awesome footballer! Really started to show his class the last 2 seasons. Who knows what we could of achieved if he stayed for one more! But im not gonna begrudge him his dream move. I watched the Real deal documentary last night. Made me sad to think he's not a spurs player anymore. However I'm...
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    Me and the wife are headng to Adelaide, we got state sponsorship to SA. We have friends there...

    Me and the wife are headng to Adelaide, we got state sponsorship to SA. We have friends there who are puttng us up to start with then looking to settle and start our family asap! Just gutted I wont be around to see this spurs team in the flesh!! Its incredible whats happened this transfer...
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    Awesome cheers dude! Will defo check that out!

    Awesome cheers dude! Will defo check that out!
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    The Lonely Hearts Club

    True, its all about Tottenham Hotspur! The crowd, the stadium and the players! Plus theres nothing better than walking towards highbury and Islington tube station Spurs shirt on! Wearing it proud! and meeting other fans making their way to the ground! It was my last game last night I'm flying to...
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    The Lonely Hearts Club

    I make my way to the ground on my own, then I meet up with 30,000 like minded people when I get there! =D
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    Paulinho full match vids

    At 3.23 on the Espanyol video! that's me catching the ball! :cool: