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    Jack Grealish

    Berahino mkII
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 6th June

    The article said 'next week'
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    Matthijs de Ligt

    If this is correct and he's using Raiola as an agent, that most likely rules us out anyway.
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    Match Threads West Brom vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Now Liverpool under less pressure to get a result tomorrow too. Great.
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    What the pundits are saying about us

    Not sure if it's already been shared but another snipped from Wright
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    Summer transfer wish list - 2018

    Keep Toby, Rose & Lamela if possible. Sell Sissoko, GKN, VJ, Llorente, Vorm (free) & maybe Trippier (promote KWP) if we need to cover player acquisitions. Acquisitions - Any one of Sess/Malcom/Bailey/Kluivert/Neres/Pulisic/Isco/Guedes/Martial/Martins/Brandt/Lemar etc. - A dembele...
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    Carabao Cup :ROFLMAO:
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    What our opponents' fans are saying about us 17/18
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Something is obviously going on. Toby has spoken to the media declaring himself match fit for both Liverpool and Arsena and been left out of the squad on both occasions. Given how Poch also reacted to questions about him in yesterday's post-match conference, can't help but assume the worst.
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    Apparently going for Mahrez now too!
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Fernando Llorente

    I'd seriously consider selling him this window, sign someone like Carrasco (who's apparently been made available) and use Son as cover for Kane.
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    Arsenal :ROFLMAO:
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    If rumors are to believed Malcom and Aubameyang in January is pretty good going, even with Sanchez leaving I wouldn't write them off yet. And if they do sign Aubameyang that should put to bed any speculation(guessing in the ITK thread) that we might be signing Pulisic in Jan.
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    I thought the same but apparently UOL is quite reliable. Arsenal can probably guarantee more playing time with Sanchez seemingly on the way out and no doubt offering more wages.