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    Spurs fans, fancy an 11-a-side match against a team of Spartak fans on 18 Dec?

    Would be well up for and still play. Decent centre half or defensive midfielder. 24 and fitness is pretty good. My problem is I am in Kent so bit of a mission and if that is on a match day I also work at the Lane so might not be able to. Depending on date/time will have to decide. Very keen to...
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    off your post, I was just wondering who is JDS?

    off your post, I was just wondering who is JDS?
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    Rey Ramos

    I agree. I think Jol's reign was probably pulled too early as he was definately a well supported manager and although progress was taking longer than we hoped he definately did something right to achieve the two 5th places he did, especially when looking back the quality wasn't really that high...
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    Rey Ramos

    Nice to see positivity and I myself have a great deal of faith in Juande also. Didn’t feel there was a lot of depth to the article or anything to be pulled from it but nice to see people writing an article on here as opposed to seeing rubbish transfer related articles from the red tops. I...
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    Future Exits?

    Redevelopment would be great, but the main problems remain in the transport links. I agree with whoever said it, that Levy etc are working as quickly as they can and as far as I can see they are doing a fantastic job. Anyone know if there have been any developments on the training ground? Last I...
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    Future Exits?

    Following on from a post made by drnbean today, he raised the point that we can't afford to sell another big player in the way that we did with Carrick. To me this is the most important factor in us becoming a really successful side once again and is the only thing (save something happening...