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    Spurs ask Premier League if they can use Wembley for first home game

    Wish we could have started back at the Lane. Really hope it's not a sign construction is further back than we all thought (or at least I thought). To me what I've seen looks like it's basically going to be ready on time, pity if we've just missed the deadline.
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    Alderweireld still open to idea of staying

    Please stay you've been our best defender since the King. I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes but what I've seen on the pitch you're welcome at the Lane for as long as you want.
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    Spurs accept $40 million bid for Mousa Dembele

    I'd hate to see him go we won't get a replacement as good. Alas I agree if we get good money for him it probably makes sense. I really hate the way football is all about money. I love the guy let's tell them to stick it.
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    Spurs interest in Grealish makes sense

    Yes at the right price, nearer 10 than 40
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    Spurs reported to have signed Wilmar Barrios

    Never heard of him, sorry Mr Rose! However, seems to be highly rated at Boca who are a decent side. It's a position where we need more depth. If you look at who can play back 3 (2?) and holding midfielder you've got Sanchez, Toby, Jan, Dier, Dembele, Wanyama, Winks and then it's players I'm not...
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    Reo Griffiths to remain at Spurs

    Glad he's staying but I really don't think all the hype helps a youngster. If we hadn't compared Edwards to Messi would that have helped him? Send him out on loan like we did with Kane all those seasons ago.
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    Kane: I want to win a trophy with Tottenham next season

    My thoughts exactly. It's been so long we need them to start coming like buses.
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    Spurs want over £55M for Toby

    I don't want 55m I want a lot more than that. My preference is he plays for us next year, if not then abroad. Selling to Manyoo makes no sense
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    de Ligt delivers update on his future

    I've heard good things but he's still developing. In Toby we have the real deal who we can be sure will deliver and is already settled in. Best option is a new contract for him.
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    Spurs interest in Grealish makes sense

    Grealish has got ability but he's done nothing yet, at 40m my reply wouldn't be very polite. At the right price just maybe he could develop into a decent player but he's a long way behind Winks. Likewise I'm not sure Onomah is going to make it, he's decent but is he much better than that?
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    Pochettino: The Real Madrid clause doesn't exist, he won't replace Zidane

    Please God he's not going. But let's face facts Madrid have the cash and rich clubs screw over poorer clubs constantly. I remember hoping Bale and Modric wouldn't leave us. I hope this time it's different but I've said that before. I'll be happier when they appoint someone else. Of course that...
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    Spurs confident of Christian Eriksen signing new contract

    Let's sign up ALL our best players.
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    Pulisic's father calls transfer links 'hogwash'

    He's a good player but we don't have a great record with wingers. The prices quoted and this statement makes me think this won't happen.
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    Onomah on his Spurs future

    It looks like there's a good player in him and we're not really seeing it. When he started he was another Eriksen but now he's another Dembele? Before he can fight for a place he / we need to figure what his best position is. I feel like this year it should have been sorted out at Villa.
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    Pochettino's plans for Harry Winks

    He's a terrific player but is he ever going to sort his injuries out? I can't help fearing he's the new Anderton. Presumably our medics know the score and we've planned accordingly.