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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    I think you are confusing him with Ryan Giggs! (n)
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    As far as I know, Eriksen has never been a fan of long contracts, but he has never tried to run a contract out either. When he left Ajax, he promised to sign for an extra year (2 year contract) if no bids were made for him. This has nothing to do with money nor has it something to do with...
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    Serge Aurier

    Be careful with that. They might never let you out! :sneaky:
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    Ross Barkley

    Levy should offer £24M if a deal is signed before Thursday. Make it clear that £2M will be subtracted from that offer for each passing week, ending at 10M on deadline day. Then stick to it without hesitation or second thoughts.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 11th July 2017

    I think Barkley made it quite clear that he had no intentions of staying, when he wiped the slate clean and deleted his instagram account filled with Everton pictures ;)
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    Spurs can’t compete financially – discuss.

    This is as much a response to the mental meltdown in the Daily ITK, but I didn’t want to pour more fuel on that fire. In 5-10 years if true financial fair play comes to life, then we have a case about competing the top flights on equal terms. Until then, we have to compete on our terms. No...
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    I personally think it had to do with the long contract negotiations.
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    If you HAD to swap 3......

    This is a curios thread, as there are plenty of world class player that we could never afford. We are doing remarkably well for the players at our disposal, especially when it comes to our attacking options. Lamela’s long injury and our switching of formations also makes it impossible to say...
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    I love Poch

    Poch has been an incredible coach to us, no matter how he is perceived in an international sense. We all know that things can rapidly change in football, but there's no reason to expect Poch wanting to leave what so ever. He has proven to be a magnificent coach when it comes to young talents...
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    Ratings vs Middlesboro

    Neither Lamela nor Son were particularly impressive for their first season either. Let's just have faith that Poch will get him straightened sooner or later. 
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    Ratings vs West Ham

    We played on a poor field against an entire team of Dembélés and in pouring rain. We entered a battlefield and lost because too many players were having an off day. A disappointment but everyone knew it would be a really hard match. We're still in the race nonetheless and it was the first...
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    Adopt a player..

    They will pass the ball so fast between one another, that no one ever catches it. Barcelona on EPO; just you wait and see! Also consider tiny keeper Eriksen! He may not have much reach, but he's very anticipating in his game, and you never have to worry about a backpass to him. Besides he has...
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    Adopt a player..

    I want to adopt Christian Eriksen. After I've adopted him, I want to clone him and make a whole team of little Eriksens :joyful:
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    Ratings vs Swansea

    I voted Eriksen (as a Dane I'm a bit biased), but on second thought I would actually change it to Rose if I could. The thing is, that without Eriksen, there is absolutely no coherency on the team, just as we lack bite in our attack without Kane. As much as I like Ben Davies (and Swansea for...
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    Harry Bane: