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    Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - Super Cup Final

    Is 1800 miles a massive distance to travel? It's a 4 1/2 hour flight.
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    MLS Potential

    I don't think anyone has had the expectation that MLS would be a league on par with the top European leagues in the near future (or ever). My point is that things they are doing now (massive crowds, growing support, quickly improving youth academies) would have been viewed as massive successes...
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    As much as I want to doubt them, I think they'll finish well clear of whoever comes in 3rd. I'd be surprised if they get less than 85 points.
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    MLS Potential

    I feel like the target keeps moving for MLS. 20 years ago it was criticized for being League 2 standard. 10 years ago it was criticized for being League 1 standard. Now it's criticized for being Championship standard. The idea of being an entertaining and sustainable product that produces...
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    MLS Potential

    For what it lacks in quality, it sure tries to make up for it with insane moments. Wayne Rooney provided the latest.
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    Premier League 2018/19

    I was going to say the same thing. Did the Rwandan government actually pay for that advertisement?
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    Match Threads Newcastle vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    3 pts is 3 pts. I'll try to remember this one when some bottom five team gets a 0-0 despite us having 3732 shots.
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    Premier League 2018/19

    Nice goal...
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    Spurs in the USA

    From Minnesota Spurs. Yes that is a real sculpture in Minneapolis.
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    16yr old kid in the MLS - Alphonso Davies

    The war started in 1999 so him being born in a refugee camp in 2000 seems to add up. Also he moved to Canada when he was four and it's pretty hard to pass off a six year old as a four year old. And since most age fraud occurs when players are discovered as teenagers/young adults, his parents...
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    Spurs pre-season 2018

    Where's Harry Kane to take one of these PKs?
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    Spurs pre-season 2018

    He doesn't even have a Wikipedia article yet!
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    Spurs pre-season 2018

    I know it's been said a ton, but the white shorts with that shirt is so bad...
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    Spurs pre-season 2018

    Spurs should win by 3 or 4 tonight.
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    Game for Game comparison 2018/19

    Yep it works.