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    Well worn cliches...

    That such and such player won't "take us to the next level."
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    But doesn't that also work if they're working on the North and South ends at the same time?
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    General/Non-Spurs Transfers

    I don't think that is always true. Sometimes it can be beneficial for both parties. Hypothetically, say we really need to strengthen our AM and CM positions, but our budget is limited. If we could loan Dembele this year, spend all our money on a quality CM, and get output from both. Then when...
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    Bundesliga 17-18

    So apparently Max Meyer has decided to sign for Hoffenheim on a Bosman. A bit of a coup for them. Suspect largely because of the draw of working with Nagelsman.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Ha, OK. i'll rephrase. I don't understand why they're not woking at either end of the ground at the same time adding cassettes.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    I don't really understand we they aren't adding roof cassettes at both the north and south ends, joining up in the middle.
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    Would you change our season for Chelsea's ?

    It's not about CL or trophy, it's about consistency, performing week in, week out, not just for the odd one off match. It's what Poch has been working on since he got here - that a level of performance is expected every single match, and that if you don't want to come on board with that, go...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    We have contact. West tray lying snugly up against the middle one, like two lovers in a cheap motel room.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    You can view the transfer forums if you log out of the site, or if you open a private browsing window. You can look but not post.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    I still don't think he'd have got the nod. I've seen him play a couple of times in the Bundesliga, and he's a good CB, but I'd say at a below Mawson and Lascelles level.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Heineken the beer partner for the new stadium. If it's nice and cold, it's a pretty good lager.....
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    Well both Poch and Pep wanted him in their backroom teams, so he's obviously got something about him. Big difference being a coach and a manager though. I know he'll only be head coach at the Scum, but he'll have a lot on his shoulders. The problem Arsenal have got is they've set up a lot of...
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    Couldn’t this also mean that he’s moving to the senior squad next year? They have a different changing room to the youth teams.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    Kane looked great in youth team football. It was the step up to seniors which took time, mainly because of his body, it just looked soft and a bit doughy. Once he put the hours in, filled out and strengthened, everything came together.
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    Player Watch Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    I think the move was just a bit too soon for him. He had confidence from his good season before, but it was a brittle one, and a couple of misses and a few games without a goal and he was back to being that young lad released by Feyenord.