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    He's gone and done it again

    Of course Harry deserves it. Do people think the Golden Boot should be awarded to a player who didn't score the most goals?
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    Player Gareth Bale

    I was browsing for Bale news while downloading brownware. The headline made me clench up, but I released with great vigor when I saw the source.
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    Player Gareth Bale

    I was just reading that. "...Real president Florentino Perez is keen to offer Bale back to Tottenham in exchange for Christian Eriksen, according to Don...
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    Well worn cliches...

    "They can beat anyone on their day." "Taking it one game at a time." Yep. That's how time works. But the really brainless ones come in the post-match interviews: "How happy/disappointed are you with that result?" Please ask meaningful questions. We already know that the answer will be "very...".
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    Player Gareth Bale

    Was he any good?
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    Rate Our Season

    Before the season kicked off, my main concerns were: 1. CL qualification. It seemed important to open the new stadium with CL football. 2. A CL campaign we could be proud of. We had a tough group and I wanted us to prove we could qualify from it after the disappointment last time. Honestly, I...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Leicester City - Match Thread

    What a season. 3rd place, won our CL group and had a few great results, 30 league goals for Kane, and all of the season played away from home.
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    Shelvey and Zaha

    I think Zaha might get us a few points. I'd be happy enough with signing him. He'll be expensive, but he's a good player. Everyone is expensive these days. Shelvey can pick a pass, but he isn't Hoddle, Pirlo or Eriksen. Where would he play? He doesn't do what Dembele does for us, and he's the...
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    Great win for Hughton and Brighton. As it stands, United need 4 points from their final 2 games to be sure of second place. A few months ago I would not have believed we'd be in with a decent shot at second place at the end of the season with no proper home games.
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    Which would be more bearable?

    Rather get to the final than not.
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    3 Favourite/Best spurs players you have seen

    Maybe not the best players, but ones who have a special place in my heart: 1) Gary Stevens - replied to my pen-pal letter in about 1984. I was six years old. I wonder if he's still waiting for my reply to him. 2) Teemu Tainio - gave my wife flowers after we won the Peace Cup. 3) Gary Mabbutt -...
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    Consensus on reverse St Totteringhams?

    I could probably get behind the Passover name once we've made a tradition out of finishing above Arsenal. I'd give it a few seasons, though. Let's get completely out of the shadow of their decades of superiority before we start flashing our dicks around.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Juventus

    Most teams "suffer to this type of manager". Allegri has won three doubles and reached the CL final twice in the last three years at Juventus. They are really fucking tough opponents and he really knows what he's doing.
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    The Troy Parrott Sketch

    I'm way out of touch. I thought that Dean Parrett was still a youngster with potential to break through after a loan spell or two.