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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    You may add Hazard, Suarez and Salah (albeit by now both Hazard and Suarez would have been sold - but with a substantial profit). I remember I got slated for suggesting Salah :cool: Ok, I did not envisage that he'd turn out to be such a hit. It gets harder and harder to pick up bargains now...
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

    Yes, I have a feeling he's already out of Spurs' reach… and will end up in one of the rich clubs.
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    Winter Transfer Wishlist

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    Match Threads Manchester United vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Stonewall penalty and the ref had a front-row view! Terrible ref decision! Kane got a yellow when he won a tackle (was first on the ball) . It's not only Fergie who won huge favors from the refs for of ManU.... ManU are still playing with "12" men (maybe 14 when including the linesmen).
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    Player watch: Oliver Skipp

    Name: Oliver Skipp Date of Birth: Sep 16, 2000. Place of Birth: Welwyn Garden City England. Nationality: England. Foot: right.
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    Player watch: Luke Amos

    Full name: Luke Ayodele Amos Date of birth: 23 February 1997 Place of birth:Welwyn Garden City, England Height:1.79 m (5 ft 10 1⁄2 in) Playing position: Midfielder
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    Pochettino laughs off Bale rumours but admits Spurs must sign players

    I would not be surprised if someone see Pochettino's comments as a hint that Bale will soon be signed by Spurs ;)
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    Spurs set to swoop for Roma star in ‘next few days’, £31m fee

    People - me included - get banned from the Transfer forums for posting what is rated "not serious" rumour threads. Particularly if they are not UK based links - then you risk being banned right away. This is a link from a Turkish site. And who on earth believe Spurs are going to pay "exactly"...
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    Girmawit Gebrzihair - the oldest looking "16 years old" athlete ever?!

    Who on earth believe Girmawit Gebrzihair is 16 year old? :whistle: She looks more like mid 30s or even older.
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 28 (11 July)

    Yes, he did get beaten by a much taller Perisic leading up to their 2nd goal by a much - and in retrospect Trippier should have floored him. But Stones was the main "culprit" as he lost his man far to easily and before that Walker made a rather poor clearance.
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 28 (11 July)

    England were in control of the game until Croatia scored and looked solid in defense. And until that goal it looked as if Croatia were not going to score. After Croatia scored they took control of the game. Young had little to offer down the left. Rose did well when he came on but should have...
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    Time to introduce "effective playing time" in football

    Effective playing time, IMO, would be the best. What efficient rules are there agains time-wasting that has been implemented so far that you know of...?
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    Time to introduce "effective playing time" in football

    Of course rules to prevent that has to be applied. In NFL they hardly play at all anyway, not to speak of the last hour :cool:
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    Time to introduce "effective playing time" in football

    One thing football should adapt to avoid rampant time-wasting is "effective playing time". That would solve the problem with time-wasting as there would be no gains in it at all. They could have 2 x 30 or 35 minutes halfs. Below is a report by Alex Stone about how must time is being "wasted"...
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    Final nail in coffin of move for Bale return

    I am not sure about this "final nail" really... :whistle: :cool: