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    Injury Updates

    I know, a lot of ifs ands. But Dier was an absolute essential to us in the second half of the 2015-16 season in the CDM role. I hope he really pushes on this season. He’s a tough fucker so hopefully the responsibility will elevate him
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    Injury Updates

    Said this on Saturday; not buying anyone might not be ideal but it gives a massive incentive to players like Lamela, Winks and Moura to really scrap to be part of the starting xi. It also says to Dier he has a significant opportunity to develop his game as a CDM, with Victor out for a while
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    Adrian Durham - Talk Sport

    It’s a stadium that’s going to stand for a very, very long time. A few more months means fuck all
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    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    What’s happened this evening?
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    Team v Fulham

    Really like that, in fact I just unconsciously salivated
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    Player Adrien Rabiot

    Lovely hair though
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    Levy, ENIC and DC

    Fortunately you’re able to articulate your emotions with a controlled use of punctuation
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    Levy, ENIC and DC

    What happened to you in the transfer forum?
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    Birthday Card

    That’s nice
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    The Summer Transfer Window POST MORTEM THREAD

    BBC taking the piss now
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    Team v Fulham

    I agree. I worry he might burn out if he doesn’t spend some time recovering. He looked tired today and did so at the WC. If he can get through the next two games and then rest for the international week that’d be good because I can’t see him being rested before then. I also think we need to...
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    Team v Fulham

    He’s got a massive chance to evolve this year- Dier, I mean- because we’re going to need him more than ever with Victor out for a while and also being out of sorts at the end of last season. Dele sometimes frustrates me, but his stats are exceptional and anyone claiming he shouldn’t be in the...
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    Tottenham Hotspur Goals & Assists 2018/2019

    How many defences can boast a goal and two assists this weekend?
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Newcastle

    Dier had a decent game: he needs to have a very good season this year in the CDM role. It’s well known he covets this role so he has a real opportunity to really develop his game
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    Match Threads Newcastle vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    Overall the three points counted the most today and so I’m delighted. But having Sissoko and Aurier on the right just makes us more vulnerable. I thought Sissoko was ok today and despite a heavy touch followed the game plan. But Aurier- fuck my ageing brain- is full of calamity. Better suited...