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    Pochettino proud of Spurs for making Man City 'suffer'

    but our bench changed the game considerably in our favour
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    Match Threads Spurs v Barcelona - Match Thread

    2. Lloris just won the world cup as captain
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 7th August

    or he is not first choice
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    Poch: Transfer window change an advantage for us

    a month earlier must be a good thing, don't forget we have recently had quite bad starts to the season.
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    Juventus vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Thread

    he grew up in Leicester
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    Dier: no Wembley curse

    there is a Wembley curse and we won't win there the entire season.. the press are totally right as usual.. told you so.. ner ner ner ner ner
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 30th August 2017

    A bale of straw... oh another cryptic
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    Kyle stays grounded after dream debut

    not only did we completely replace Kyle Walker, we added a Peters. I reckon that Poch knew what he was doing when he sold Walker1.
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    Pochettino says we are 'a bit behind' in pre-season

    I think Poch likes to be late with the pre-season training so that the players can last longer into the season though the major concern is the first month of matches. We have Newcastle first who we don't seem to do well against, then Chelsea who will be very fit after the charity shields. At...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 20th July

    you need a deposit for fucking at a wedding these days?
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    Spurs unable to change Wembley pitch size

    the issues we've had a wembley are about the quality of the pitch not the size. If we can get that sorted for our games then no problem.
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    Dele is outperforming Ronaldo at 21

    He might be better off growing with Spurs and seeing them win the EPL and CL. We have the best points tally by a mile over any epl team in two years
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    Burnley 0-2 Spurs : match report

    Chelsea were lucky to beat Stoke in the closing seconds and then the loss against Palace. They are not in good form so Man city have a good chance to beat them. We could be four point behind after Wednesday then it's game on and Chelsea will really feel the pressure.
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    Spurs could continue playing at White Hart Lane next season, says Daniel Levy

    bidding for more time on the Wembley decision?
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    Lamela’s Spurs future in doubt after injury row

    we'll have an option for another year - these contracts always do.