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    Consensus on reverse St Totteringhams?

    It really is impressive. I'm killing myself.
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    Chelsea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    We've blow so many leads, and it's cost us the title. It's absolutely pathetic how we've gone from comeback kings to not able to hold a lead. Stoke, Leicester, Arsenal, Arsenal again, West Brom, West Brom again, Newcastle, Chelsea, Monaco, Fiorentina, and Anderlecht. So many leads blown.
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    Chelsea Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    It's absolutely pathetic how often we blow our leads. Pochettino needs to sort out his half time talks, and his substitutions, because dropped points have cost us the title. Pathetic.
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    Grant Ward - Rotherham Utd.

    I'd hope we can get him a Premier League loan, another Championship loan might be stagnation.
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    Spurs U21’s, U18’s and other youth news – 2015/16 Edition

    I'm not sure I'd want Ward playing as a DM. He's played on the wings and as an AM a lot for Rotherham, so I'd rather see him used as an offensive option or as a CM. Ball, though, can definitely play DM off the bench or in the early stages of the cups, and maybe prove himself as a viable rotation...
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    Pochettino - PSG job is my dream

    Quite clear that he used that as a negotiating technique, considering he signed a new deal a few days later.
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    Spurs U21’s, U18’s and other youth news – 2015/16 Edition

    I can't be bothered to dig up most of the times I've asked Rangers fans about him, but here's one from reddit: They all say the same kind of stuff. Ball isn't eye catching, but he's very effective at breaking up...
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    Summer Transfer Wish List

    Why would we want him instead of Suarez?
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    Some news

    Don't ITKs have to verify themselves with the mods or something like that?
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    Spurs U21’s, U18’s and other youth news – 2015/16 Edition

    There's some quotes from Ball in the loan watch thread where he speaks about his chances of breaking into our first team, so I think he's signed an extension that wasn't announced. Every Rangers fan I've spoken to has had nothing but praise for him. Against Celtic, he played better than his...
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    Some news

    It'll be a strange atmosphere at White Hart Lane next season, that's for sure. Worth it to get a state of the art new stadium, of course. I'm glad we're not going to StadiumMK. It's a nice stadium, but it's too small and not in London. I just hope Wembley sounds alright when there's only 50k...
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    Ratings vs West Brom

    Did you see the second half?
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    Alex Pritchard - West Brom

    Does this thread have more pages than Pritchard has minutes at West Brom?
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    Nathan Oduwa & Dominic Ball - Rangers

    I don't know how to do that.
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    Spurs U21’s, U18’s and other youth news – 2015/16 Edition

    When people feel like moaning, they can't moan about the first team, so they go for the youth team.