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    What’s our best front 4?

    Lamela Alli Eriksen .............Kane
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    Positives vs Negatives

    Negatives - not playing at our new stadium yet but it will happen. Positive - we have very good players
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    Lamela needs to start

    I have always said this if Lamela can add goals to his general play he'd be up there with the very best. A fully fit Lamela would alway make my strongest 11 because he offer so much ie work rate press assists and now hopefully goals
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    Aaron Lennon detained....

    I was so please to see on MoTD Lennon smiling playing so will and scoring. He will alway get a good reception from the Spurs Fan.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    Trippier is the most overrated right back since Allen Hutton. I really don't want to destroy Trippier because he's maximised what he has. Aurier by far imo is a better defender. Not as good going forward as Trippier but not bad himself.
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    Pochettino must act fast to avoid Klopp's mistakes

    Stop playing Kane?...have you lost your marbles? Stop playing Dier? Are you mad? We've lost 3 games on the spin to that dreaded score line 2-1. In two of those games we've been winning. Pochettinho has to work the players even harder now imo he's been far to soft and it's backfired, most...
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    Guillem Balague column: What is Mauricio Pochettino doing to ride Spurs storm?

    Look Poch and Levy have to work together and in the main they have. On two fronts the clubs is moving rapidly in the right direction if you ask me, Poch has done wonders with the club in league and CL overall , Levy with all his critics has also done a fantastic job building that new stadium...
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    Team Vs Brighton

    Rest Kane?... Your having a laugh and don't believe the hype. Vorm Aurier Sanchez Vertonghen Rose Dier Dembele Lamela Eriksen Moura Kane
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    Mauricio Pochettino

    Absolute rubbish, the club has provided them with A class facilities and they get paid well. Whoever is a mole should be rooted out. The players need to focus on the job at hand listen to Poch and work hard simple.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    Like I said it's harsh, as you again highlight Auriers failure to close down the cross, it came from such a long way out imo it was more the job of a right mid or central player. Any how we have a lot of areas to work on and right now it's not nice we need to blame someone, it is a...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    I think it's very harsh to blame Aurier for the cross coming in when you look at the position and how far out the cross came from, you can equally blame one of the midfield players playing right side or centre.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    In game management and formation change during a games is something people seem to have picked up on with Poch. Now imo it should be encouraged to a degree our squad and players would be better for it as the season goes on in my view however you look at the top teams around the world and they...
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    Thinking outside the box

    We just need to work hard and eliminate silly errors and for a period of games Poch should stick to a 4231 formation. We have the players to do really good this season and I stand by that in Eriksen Kane Son Moura Alli Lamela Dembele Winks Vertonghen Sanchaz Lloris Alders Dier Wanyama etc...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    The players have to take greater responsibility I don’t blame Pochettino totally. Their first goal was a worldly but I thought the Inter player had far to much space to cross. I get all the negativity going around I was as pissed as anyone when we lost just like Juventus it was there for the...
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    Pochettino says Kane will play against Inter Milan

    Alli’s been shit? Explain. I’m fact forget it. Let’s sack Pochettino we are S**t