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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread (EFL Cup)

    I actually feel more confident with Gaza in goal than Hugo at the moment. COYS!!!
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    Pochettino hails Spurs 'heroes' despite loss to Barcelona

    We thought well in 2nd half and gave it everything but heroes is going way over board.
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    Winks among five in England squad

    England caps today are thrown around like confetti, these days a few half decent games and your in the squad.
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    Greaves leads tributes to former team-mate Alan Gilzean

    Proper club legend,before my time but seen some great footage of the guy. Wow really inundated with comments on this aren't we:whistle:
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    Spurs interested in signing Mario Götze

    More baggage than Heathrow Airport
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    Spurs ready to sign €45.6m Bundesliga attacker

    Oh here we go Leandro Damiao & all that!
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    Poch 'amazing' season is 'not enough'

    Will it still be amazing if we finish 5th
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester United - FA Cup Semi final Match Thread

    Typical bloody Spurs! build you up and then when it matters most dropped like a lead balloon. Piss poor 2nd half display and don't recall De Gea making a save. Lamela onto late & don't get why Victor came on at all. Totally pissed right off again! wow 8 semi finals is just a joke. Won't be at...
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    Pochettino still dreaming of future Champions League glory

    Yes the FA Cup poch. Let's dream about something we are in
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    Hoddle: Spurs a good move for Moura

    Think we are due the really good signing of a Brazilian. Paulinho & Gilberto were dogs dinners.Gomez was good then turned into a clown! Say Sandro was best we've had so. Lucas reminds me a bit of Stephane Dalmat we had on loan many moons ago.
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    Tottenham agree £25m deal with PSG to sign Lucas Moura

    Let's get this done quickly before Chelski come in last minute and blow us away with wages.