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    5 Bold predictions for the 18/19 season

    A ball is even kicked yet and I already have one correct, that must be a new record. And I suspect that at least an additional 1.5 is also quite spot on.
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    Premier League 2018-19: BBC Sport pundits pick champions and top four

    Overall predicted ranking, using all BBC predictions (using system of 4 pts for a 1st place, 3 pts for 2nd, 2 pts for 3rd and 1 pt for 4th) 1. Man City 93 pts 2. Liverpool 74 pts 3. Man Utd 34 pts 4. Tottenham 18 pts 5. Chelsea 15 pts 6. Arsenal 6 pts I think that's pretty good, I...
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    I disagree. I will concede that he isn't the most perfect fit for a Pochettino team, but to me, Pochettino need to lower his shoulders on a couple of his usual requirements and just let Moura be unleashed to his fullest. He can become immense, but he will never be perfect in a traditional...
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    Spurs could be without 9 1st teamers for the opening 2 games of season

    We never win in August anyway. Might as well not prepare nor travel and suffer losses by forfeit. Levy would like saving the expenses.
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    Spurs look to ex winger

    If one were to buy from Torino, and I wouldn't necessarily be against it, he wouldn't even be the first choice target for his position IMO.
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    Llorente wants to stay and fight for spot

    Don't mind him staying, certainly no need to shove him out. But if he stays on, Pochettino must realise how Llorente is different from Kane, not how they are alike. Got to use the two guys differently and not just replace the name on the team sheet.
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    Player Watch Player Watch - Lucas Moura

    Will be the breakout player in PL this season. Fan-favourite by end October, and established name in the starting line-up by Christmas.
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    Well done Levy and co.

    That was indeed an absolute possibility 14-15 months ago or so. It's probably not as much a likely scenario right now. If it can become a reality again in the future, who knows.
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    Well done Levy and co.

    I think we are in a kind of a catch 22. We've bought the players we could get our hands on previously, largely from abroad, in a bid to broaden squad depth. It has largely backfired. Here; I'm not saying that all signings have backfired, but that signings which specifically were meant to expand...
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    Don’t forget player improvement

    1) It's not about numbers. If it was only about numbers, every club could by 40 players from league two and call it good. 2) Several of those players are not CMs. 3) One of them is not even a footballer.
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    You blaming others for having an agenda is like me blaming others for having the word "seconds" in their screen name.
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    Don’t forget player improvement

    Speak for your self.
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    Don’t forget player improvement

    Is this what it has come down to now. We can't even sigh championship players, so the last straw we are clutching at is imaginative improvements in the present squad. Here is the thing, we need CM reinforcements, we have needed CM reinforcements for 12 months, and we are not getting CM...
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    Fresh twist in the Janssen to Fenerbahce saga

    Fuck he needs to get his career on track, not waste away in Turkey. Even a relegation battle PL job.