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    Defining moments

    It's a proper captain we need, not a new manager.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Has there been any part of this build that's been BS so far?
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Like at night then yeah?
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    What's concerning about that? Some of you lot have too much time on your hands..
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    But then again not all Spurs fans live in Tottenham. Just sayin'.
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur - Match Thread

    We kept giving them the ball back. If that had been Man City they'd have got back in the game. This is always a worry for me, we go 2 clear and then start just handing the ball to any opposition from the top six; we don't do it against the smaller teams.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Someone sitting in front of Daniel this morning explaining that shit and how they're going to pay for it..
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    Poch calls halt to sporting director search

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    Poch calls halt to sporting director search

    The proposal stopped when they made Poch MANAGER (no longer head coach) in 2016.
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    Gareth Bale

    lol @ all the Football Manager fans not wanting players over the age of 24. Bale's return would be a massive statement of intent - depends how money driven he is at this stage of his career with Manure sniffing around paying stupid money.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    Needs to use his right more. Since Kane and Eriksen have done this; their game has moved on and have become a lot more dangerous in the final third. Dele is in the same boat as Lamela. I'm sure they both have the ability to do so.
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    Player Watch Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Love Toby but I'm not sure he'd be a massive loss looking at other options in the squad including forgotten man CCV.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2017/2018

    Who are these talented managers?
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Eric Dier

    There's a couple of things holding back the fans' appreciation for all things Dier; Having his head turned by United in the summer and it showing in his football early season. Strolling around against lower league teams in the Prem like he's suddenly Jordan Henderson or something.. His poor...