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    Champions League Final in Madrid - travel arrangements

    What a nightmare this has been, ended up booking the following: Stansted - Toulouse - Madrid on the Friday - £135 (spend the whole day in Toulouse) Holiday Inn Express on the outskirts of Madrid (20mins from airport) - £350pp for 4 of us but had to book 4 nights minimum (I'm staying 3) Madrid -...
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    Champions League 2018/2019

    Worse thing about this is, if we do manage to make the final these ****s will be booking up all the flights & accommodation to Madrid tomorrow, from all over the country - whatever’s left will be ridiculous prices 😩 wankers
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    Shades of the end of the 15/16 season here...only needed 3 points from our last 4 games to finish above the scum, got 2 with an almighty capitulation to a 10-man relegated Newcastle on the last day...this time we need 3 points from our last 3 games to confirm top 4, I think we all know what’s...
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    Who's going to Amsterdam?

    I think 13% goes to Corporate, then there are some that go to players families etc leaving probably closer to the 2,200 mark for normal season ticket holders. But does imply that virtually every season ticket holder with 400+ points applied. Also think the capacity is slightly lower than...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs West Ham - Match Thread

    Fucking knew this would happen today, written in the stars for these ****s to score here first and take first points. Dog shit
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    Ajax v Tottenham ticket allocation - Johan Cruyff Arena

    It'll be 5% and at a guess around 400 loyalty points? I've booked up, but already accepted my chances of getting a ticket are slim to none, as virtually every single Spurs fan I know has booked on. Sure the pubs and bars will be packed with yids so should be decent either way!
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Palace - Match Thread

    I know WHL could be quiet but this is one of the worst atmospheres I’ve seen...perhaps it’s the nerves, but atm it seems like we’ve imported Wembley....half the south stand sat and not singing, absolute joke. Anyone thought the ground would have an impact, you thought wrong. Dog shit.
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    Who do we want in the last 8 of the Champions League?

    FA Cup - 15% unless your arsenal League cup - 10% Europe - 5% Premier league - 3,000 or if the ground holds less than 30k it’s 10%
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    City Away Champions League

    5% of new ground would be approx 3, imagine they will receive around that amount?
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    City Away Champions League

    5% allocation for European games, was always going to be the case.
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    Who do we want in the last 8 of the Champions League?

    Our aggregate league results vs City, since poch took over: 14/15 - 2-4 15/16 - 6-2 16/17 - 4-2 (Pep’s first season) 17/18 - 2-7 18/19 - 0-1 (so far) So not entirely impossible...although we haven’t beaten them (or drawn) since they became shit hot last season & on current form for each side...
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    Southampton vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Not sure if serious, but to add the away days are better as well... You watch levy increase prices next season regardless of where we finish, it might sound plastic but I’m not paying champions league prices for Europa league football...will just do away games.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    Slight positive going into Saturday, I don't think we've ever lost 3 in a row in the league under Poch...
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    Away Loyalty Points

    I think there is one still in place (platinum membership), but you can no longer apply for it. My old man had one for 13 years, up until the 16/17 season. After he gave it up, he tried to get one again for last season and the club told him they were no longer open to new applications, but only...
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    Away Loyalty Points

    I think it's a number of factors previously mentioned in this thread, increased corporate %, £30 cap, Wembley, team playing well, point hoarding etc. I'm quite lucky as in my group of 20-30 probably 75% have 400 points plus, meaning there is usually a spare going for any away game or we can ask...