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  • Hi dude.

    Tbh i reckon everything will be open on NYD. Thers always people about waiting too spend money in the freezing cold!
    29th or 30th should be ok though as I'm not sure what my working pattern will be on NYE/NYD.
    let me know which day is best for you then I can arrange what shift I need to do at work.

    Cheers darling :-D
    yeah not a bad idea is it sweet cheeks ;-)

    not off that week but can sort out a night so i'm free for crimbo frolicks!

    Let me know if there is a particular date that suits ya and I'll sort it out :up:
    Sorry fella :lol:

    Hows about when Anna gets over we all go winter wonderland in Hyde Park then for a curry or something the week between christmas and new year? Won't be able to make any footy matches because of work :-( (and I'm saving up for when we get in champions league again so I can go too an away match then).

    Alright bitchface. Hope Anna and yourself are keeping well?

    Crimbo coming up so wondered if your about in december or january? Maybe meet up at a game or go for a drinky? Would be great to see you.

    Happy Birthday Breadbin!

    Tear up those carpets tonight an I'll see if I can see the smoke baby!.....

    Make sure you don't burn the rugs too much or they'll cancel all the flights in the UK again (I know that was you dancing that caused the smoke before!!.... Pfft volcano gone off?.... I know the truth!!) ;-)

    Yeah I know, the transfers aren't quite happening at the mo. I'm pretty sure we'll get someone in but at the moment it could be any of the names that have been in the press. Thing is no one has said that they actually want to come to us and also I think alot of our money may be tied up in the Stadium plans now so there won't be any massive buys over the next few years I would say (not that wev'e spent loads in recent times anyways).

    Defo need Modders to stay and get another striker in but not sure out of Crouch, Keane or Defoe as to which one of these should be moved on?
    Who do you reckon were gonna sell?
    Evening dude.

    The missus is great cheers. Just plodding along, doing her thang!
    So you gonna burn some carpet on friday night then? You over here then or you coming over more towards the end of the month?
    Hey dude. We haven't made any plans to go to a game yet as we got a couple of weddings to go too over the next couple of months so cash is a bit tight. would like to go to a game though if your about so we'll see who were playing and where in the waffa then we'll try and sort something out!

    Hope your good darling? ;-)
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