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    Wembley/new stadium bag policy

    Yes. I spotted that as well. No surprise there. . I’m sure that if Wembley owned the designer outlet next door to the stadium, this policy wouldn’t be brought in.
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    The Scum (a) English Football League Cup Wed 19th December

    Didn’t we play them in the FA cup a few seasons ago or am I imagining this? We certainly had w full allocation when we played them in the league cup
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    Empty Seats/Wembley Atmosphere

    The club said that the Cardiff game was a reduced capacity game even though the top tier was open. It’s limited by capacity not number of tiers open
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    Empty Seats/Wembley Atmosphere

    At least the tourists could be bothered to go
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    Team v West Ham

    Or play the senior player out of position. Unlike Newport away last season
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Season ticket has just arrived in the post. When will I get to use it ?
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Cardiff City - Match Thread

    It was on the Spurs website recently that this would be a reduced capacity game. It also stated that no more tickets were being sold in the top tier, when this announcement was made.
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    Stadium MK - Will you go?

    23,650. Not bad considering.
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    Stadium MK - Will you go?

    MK1 1DF is the postcode for Selco builders merchants. Free parking available at the warehouse next door. Just across the main road from the ground. Less than a five minute walk.
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    Tickets Away tickets question

    If you are looking for odd tickets rather than three together then hang about out side the away end from a couple of hours before kickoff. At Newcastle and Old Trafford there were quite a few spares going.
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    Barca Away

    Probably being sold as part of a VIP package. I’m a ST holder in Club Wembley and didn’t buy my usual seat for the Barca home game. When I logged in today the 10 blocks either side of the halfway line had been greyed out and not available for sale.
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    Stadium MK - Will you go?

    I’ll be there. When Wembley was announced I thought I I’d only go to about half the games. Ended up only missing two games and that was because I was on holiday.
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    Man Utd 0 Spurs 3

    I was there last night. I knew we were going to win as my ticket was on the end of the row. Was also there when we won in the league cup as well. Woke up late and missed the train and game when Lineker got the winner.
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    No season review DVD?

    If I remember correctly last seasons came out about September or October
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    Matchday Programme

    Last season I went to all the home games and about twenty away games. The only programme I bought was Newport away in the cup. I found one in the street after Juventus and home and one in the ground away to Arsenal. My mate went to final inKiev on a freebie and I asked him to get me a programme...