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    Team v West Ham

    If Dembele is fit, he must play, as to give us the best chance of dominating the midfield, and cutting of supply to Arnautovic. Eriksen is of course an obvious starter as well, if fit.
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    Team v West Ham

    Never go full RAWK my friend.
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    Team v West Ham

    He just needed those small things to come off for him in the last couple of games, e.g. his chance to make it 3-3 against Barca, and his two finishing attempts against Cardiff, after being set up by Son and the rebound from Kanes header. Just that little bit of luck, and he'd have 3 goals in the...
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    Player Watch Player watch: Jan Vertonghen

    You can't have multiple accounts, Thinktank.
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    Team v Cardiff

    Cardiff are utter wank though, if we drop points in this one I'll be just as enraged as Thinky when Foyth doesn't start in the playmaker role...
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    Team v Cardiff

    Goalkeepers can only play themselves into form. I do agree though, that it would be hard to drop Gazza after the last couple of games, especially with Hugo clowning around tonight.
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    Team v Barcelona

    I agree. Thing is, we haven't really done that in over half a year.
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    Team v Huddersfield

    Trust Thinky.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Inter

    Absolutely unforgivable to lose this one. Classic Spurs to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. What the fuck is going on? Winning 3-0 at OT, and then being shit and losing three in a row, it doesn't get more spursy than that. Fuck me, it's a long time since I've felt this hopeless about...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Liverpool

    We looked clearly second best all game. Very worrying.
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    And Tottenham's record signing is...

    It's computed from an average of spending per season, as far as I can tell. That's why Chimbonda at about 7 m. £ in 2006 seems much more expensive than Dean Richards at 8 m. £ in 2001. Most would probably agree that 8 mil. in 2001 was a hefty fee, whereas I don't remember thinking Chimbonda was...
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    20 November 1997

    That 3-0 home loss was what got Gross sacked in the end, IIRC.
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    We did, and bought him back the next january 😉 Gio was impossible, I thought he were well out by then.
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    20 November 1997

    Exactly, I remember Vega equalising from a header after a corner, just before half-time. I don't know what Gross told the team during the break, but we completely crumbled in the second half, and let a donkey like Flo get a hattrick against us. :unsure:
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    20 November 1997

    Quite paradoxically, I became a Spurs fan after watching a feature on our plight in the first part of the 97-98 season, sacking Gerry Francis and appointing Gross, but also at the same time resigning Klinsmann. How our big buys in the summer, Ferdinand and Ginola, were yet to make the expected...