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    Tottenham press conference: Live updates from AVB. 28/08/13

    Thank god it's nearly over, we've gone from a so called one man team to a team packed with strength, experience and an even greater quality. We have more options all over the pitch and when Lamela arrives we have another rising star. Thanks for the memories Gareth...but even more thanks for...
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    Hudd signs for Hull

    Fantastic technique and passing but was far too immobile in my opinion. We have moved on, good luck though Thomas.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 23rd July 2013

    Mr Cake, please don't drop a jizzing bombshell like that and then not follow it up..
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    Roberto Soldado

    Sid Lowe said this on ESPN last night, the 30M tag really is to appease the Valencia fans.
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    Doubts over Radamel Falcao's reported age!

    It could be Old Skelts, his face has been bothering me for some time now.
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    Roberto Soldado

    Loving Grey Fox's ITK, *Runs over and gives him a noogie*
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    Doubts over Radamel Falcao's reported age!

    Whilst we're on the subject, someone should check that Cavani's birth certificate, the bloke has a face of an 80's sci-fi villain.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 19th July 2013

    I'm actually gonna cry...i'm off down the pub
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    Footballers spotted in your areas

    Still see Ossie Ardiles around in Broxbourne/Hoddesdon. Actually I saw him in Hertford last week :)
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    Was quite enjoying the commentary until that bombshell
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    SSN just showed it, nearly took the net off with that finish
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    Pre-Season Fixtures

    Are we winning yet? No? The sooner we get Benteke in the better, I can't have much more of this..
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    Pre-Season Fixtures

    PM me up bitches if theres one going, ta muchness
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    WHL - where do you sit???

    Block 19 Paxton, cheap seats.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - PINCH & A PUNCH 1st June 2013

    Not sure if this has been mentioned in here (and I haven't checked because I can't be arsed) my brother is a Watford fan, and knows a lot of what happens behind the scenes there, he just text me to say Vydra is very close to joining us..