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    Player Watch Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    the mental gymnastics by the anti-Walker crowd to explain how we got worse at that position after he left are something to behold.
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    Player Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    would rather see him at United than Chelsea if he has to go to an English club. I hate Chelsea that much.
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    The NHL thread

    Caps about to finish off Tampa Bay and get to the finals. Great old school fight between Coburn and Wilson, too As you can see they had both just served minors for a scuffle and wasted no time getting after it.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    looked at the live cams this evening - I dont see how that stadium is going to be ready to host a match in 3 1/2 months
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    Player Watch Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    he really didnt have a proper campaign in Turkey - injured from December to late April and a few sub appearances to finish up the season. he's still only 23.
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    Your all time most notorious piece of ITK

    Damiao lasted about 4 windows and we all wanted him soooooo badly and it turns out he isnt that good. I voted blue and gold because it was just so dumb. Just tell us the players name
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    Arteta seems a long shot. I liked him a lot as a player but who knows what sort of manager he'll be.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Davinson Sanchez

    I think we should only sign CBs that played at Ajax. They have been good to us.
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    Match Of The Day Goal Of The Season

    cant believe it wasnt Boufal. Reminded me of Maradona's "goal of the century"
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    Rate Our Season

    should be playing in the final this weekend otherwise a very good season.
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    Player Watch The Kyle Walker-Peters Thread

    hes the greatest talent since mason
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    Player Watch Player watch: Moussa Sissoko

    fucking hell we just finished 3rd and Sissoko appeared in 29 games. If you are happy with the team's effort this year give the guy some props for fucks sake. he isnt a star but he's a Spur.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Leicester City - Match Thread

    two teams playing for fun today. glad we came out on top.
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    Player Watch Player watch: Moussa Sissoko

    he was awful last night but no worse than Wanyama. Neither would take any responsibility and hid from the ball. They were the last two CMs Poch is comfortable with still standing. In retrospect I would have dropped Dele into the role and started Lucas or Lamela but fuck it, we won.
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    Race for the Top 4 - 2017/18

    yeah, he was less likely to park the bus.