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    SC Season Ticket Holders Seat Locations 2018-2019

    B:102 R:15 S:37 cannae wait.
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    I've just sent Jeeves out to get me a new one, a lovely number, fashioned from the horn of a rhino. I imagine it will be the perfect accompaniment to my prawn sandwiches.
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    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Block 102 too. got 7 together split over two rows, all sorted by 10.30. went for the middle of the block, up against 103 towards the back. pretty happy.
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    Went on a stag earlier this year with about 25 Celtic supporting Glaswegians. They sing The Logical Song about Scott Sinclair. Literally seared onto my brain. Must have heard it 500 times. Hope this doesn't catch on.
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    Carabao Cup, Barnsley, Derby, whoever, whenever

    Get your violins out... It was a nightmare on Saturday. Overground was down, two replacement buses to get to New Cross Gate, no train for 15 minutes, uber to Canada Water and then a mad dash up Wembley Way as my old man was waiting outside because I had both the tickets. Got in just as we...
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    Carabao Cup, Barnsley, Derby, whoever, whenever

    Cheers both. Saved me a trek from South East London to Wembley and back.
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    Carabao Cup, Barnsley, Derby, whoever, whenever

    Is this game included on the season ticket or have they scrapped the first two cup games at home are free thing? Don't want to trek to Wembley and not get in, quite want to see Marcus Edwards play.
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    Josh King

    Nah, but picture this, King scores the winner today, joins us, we win the league ahead of city by two points. Wouldn't matter if he didn't score again all season. Edit: can I rate my own post optimistic?
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    Josh King

    Any chance you can post "he doesn't look like scoring".
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    Josh King

    Watching the city game now. While King hasn't dominated the game he's not exactly Rasiak. He's strong, carries the ball well. I don't understand the negativity, if he's cheap he's a good back up for Kane and will serve us well in cups and the inevitable plunge into the Europa League. With Kane...
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    The Spurs Youth Thread – 2016/2017

    Re Lesniak I doubt it, these decisions are made long before they are announced so JO form in u20 WC not a factor. I think they were giving him the exposure to increase his chances of finding a decent club.
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    Pau Lopez

    Agreed, if we sign Paul o Pez we'll be blocking his path which seems crazy given he had a brilliant season out on loan. Although it's all immaterial as Hugo has at least 5 years left and no-ones going to hang around that long waiting for the no.1 jersey.
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    WHL - where do you sit???

    East Lower, block 29. Been there for about 4 seasons now. Moved down from West Upper Block 8 because I couldn't stand the moaning that came from the people behind me.
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    It's a squad game!

    The challenge in buying players to improve the squad rather than the first team is with meeting their expectations. If we go out and spend £25m+ on a striker he's going to expect to start. When he invariably doesnt because Kane then Mitchell et al need to make sure they have chosen a player with...
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    Why are we so hated?

    As most have said with the scum its self explanatory. With West Ham and Chelsea it dates back to the 70s when we started to chant Yid Army to show solidarity with our own fans. Both Chelsea and West Ham fanbases had vocal minorites of BNP support and they pinpointed spurs as the 'jewish' club...