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    Ticket info

    What game was this for?
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    Ticket info

    What game was this for?
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    Ticket info

    Some advice please. Hoping to travel from belfast for the Liverpool game on the 22 October. I can't get tickets through my normal route with the supporters club. I was wondering with the higher capacity would it be likely to get tickets when they come on general release (If they even do bearing...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - DEADLINE DAY

    Can't believe we don't have a left back.
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    Problems to solve

    For me u either play dembele or Paulinho not both. Please play Holtby. Rose is weak link.
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    ARSENAL v SPURS: Match Thread

    I hope sando hadnt list his place. He wud be first name on team sheet for me
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Gonads on the Line Edition 30th August 2013

    Yeah, I reckon we would be quite short in the striker department too put would like to see us bring through some of or own players. If Defoe and soldado get injured I am sure Kane and if lamela did do a job. Just hope we get rid of Ade. Good player but hate his attitude
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    Could Lewis Holtby be the answer?

    Do we need erikson? Holtby is class and so is his work ethic
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    Christian Eriksen - Completed

    I really like Sig and Holtby and Townsend. Hope they get a chance. If we sign erikson it means even one of our big hitters like dembele will find it hard to get on.
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    Christian Eriksen - Completed

    Ade shud defo stay
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    Vlad Chiriches - Completed

    It sounds like a lot of money for a position that I think we are well covered in. Verts and Kabila for me as first choice
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    Vlad Chiriches - Completed

    If we get this guy is he going to be first choice?
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 23rd August 2013

    Lets just get Sandro to take willian out by the route when we play chelski
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    Willian to Chelsea

    Cant ses Chelsea meeting him