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    Europa League *UEFA stream for draw on page 1*

    Bring em on!! What a great draw all round
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    Aussie Fans - is the Spammers game on TV?

    Theres a pub in Sydney called the Triple Aces that doubles as a Spurs supporters club. I'd assume there would be a few spurs fans in there watching it. There was a great atmosphere in there before the pre season friendly over there. This might be helpful:
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    Aussie Fans - is the Spammers game on TV?

    Yep. Every single game. Unfortunately you have to sit through Robbie Slater and Mark Bosnich trying to be pundits, but other than that it's great coverage.
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    Aussie Fans - is the Spammers game on TV?

    Yeah mate. Every game is shown live here. It's on Fox sports 5.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Last Day Mayhem! READ FIRST POST!

    Does anyone else feel these Leandro rumours are just our way of forcing the hand of Lyon/Sevilla? Previous ITK has said the Leandro deal is impossible, It would be extremely unlikely then to complete a deal within an afternoon... Heres hoping though hahaha
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    João Moutinho

    Deal done according to Neil Eatson (formerly akqayid) on twitter.
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    Team v Fulham

    I think the 4-3-3 posted earlier is the way to go. Get Carroll buzzing around and still keep the solid sandro/Dembele partnership. It might free Dembele up to play a bit higher as well.
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    Ratings vs Liverpool

    Quality for 20 minutes, very average for 70. Having someone in midfield who constantly wants the ball is key. I think having Parker in there to drive from midfield when we are up against it will be a big plus. Dembele is great when we are playing well, but goes hiding when we are under pressure...
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    Arsenal Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Credit the team for their effort. One act of stupidity killed the game as contest. Serious question marks remain for me with the Hudd/Sandro partnership in midfield, Gallas at the back and Dempsey wherever he is deployed. Carroll - whilst still being raw - at least was constantly looking for the...
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    Arsenal Vs Tottenham: Match Thread

    Its not his fault Ade went lunging in. It was a definate red card in this day and age.
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    Ratings v Maribor

    Agree with all of that BC. The two things of note for me that have been missing from just about every game this season has been someone from midfield constantly wanting the ball from the back four, and someone further forward who can bring the midfield into play. Enter Tom Carroll and Emmanuel...
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    Tottenham Vs Wigan: Match Thread

    What shits me the most is AVB is just standing there watching it! Fucking get into them!
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    Tottenham Vs Wigan: Match Thread

    Lets see what AVB does at half time. This has clearly not been good enough.
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    Tottenham Vs Wigan: Match Thread

    This is poor. No urgency. No-one seems to want the ball and its painfully slow. They all need a right kick up the arse.