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    The Football on TV Heads Up Thread

    I saw one video where the bus was driving full pelt past hundreds of supporters and whilst a barrage of things were being thrown at the bus it appeared like the people inside were waving at the fans. It just seems as if someone wanted something to happen.
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    Player Watch: Moussa Sissoko

    Absolutely spot on. The comment and the article. Poch never gave up on Sissoko because Sissoko has never given up. By all accounts he's a likable guy in the dressing room and gets his head down, listens to the manager and works on the training pitch. We all know Sissoko's technical...
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    Ex-player watch: Andros Townsend

    Which reminds me, Can anyone name all 10? Andros, Kane, Mason, Carroll, Jansson, Archer, Lancaster...
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    Ex-player watch: Andros Townsend

    I thought this an apt time to review Andros' greatest Spurs performance...
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    Video: Pochettino’s reaction to fans booing his decision

    Gotta love the guy. Big smiles and even mentioned plan B's and C's.... 2:40 "I understand....after four and a half year it is the first time they are a critic" 3:35 "some people say Pochettino don't have a plan, a plan B or C" 3:51 "but I have nothing to say about the fans, I am so happy with...
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    Positives vs Negatives

    Positives - We're 5th without playing very well. Hopefully our usual slow start to the season will be transformed by xmas. Lucas has looked good, Lamela may be injury free and Son is back and national service free. Negatives - I like Dier and Dembele but wish we had someone who passed forward...
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    Jack Grealish

    I liked the how much is Jack worth bit. I went for a conservative 18m, he's a Championship player (currently at least). Thought the average would be 25m, but it's 35m. I know it's Villa fans but blimey, 35m. That means a lot rated him even higher! The market and fan perception is truly crazy.
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    Liverpool conduct their business well. There's a lot of money whirling around the PL. This year they have sold one player for a British record, and brought in decent players early. But, generally at high transfer costs and, according to ITK, by paying substantial agent fees. Now, I know...
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    World Cup Discussion Thread - Day 20 (3 July)

    I think BC is merely pointing out the hypocrisy of it all. Yes, it was a 'headbutt' or head nudge but Henderson's reaction was excessive. We lament the actions of other teams yet Maguire went down without a touch, and Lingard was claiming a penalty after the slightest of coming togethers...
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    The England World Cup Thread

    After the euphoria of last night has worn off I've just gotta say how great all our players were last night (on both sides). Now we could actually win this, but because Harry seems to be the only player who can produce quick, forward, defense splitting passes, I doubt it will really happen...
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    Wilmar Barrios

    I'm not sure that we need him, but I understand why we have looked. He was lucky not to get a red (but Henderson's reaction was just as poor to be honest) but afterwards got on with the game and looked surprisingly decent. But it's just one game so who knows? Poch will, I hope.
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    Alderweireld interview

    As ever he comes over as a pretty decent, down to earth, friend and family oriented guy who tends to avoid the limelight. As such I have been pretty shocked by the seeming need to triple wages and alleged falling out with Poch over it. But that is football these days, I suppose.
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    So, they've gone with a guy who did pretty well at a club just behind the big boys in Spain (a bit like Arsenal), who won the Europa League (which Arsenal are in), whose worked with DOFs (which Arsenal have turned to), has worked with French players (who Arsenal always seem to have a lot of) and...
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    Name the FA Cup Winners

    I got 13 too, but I have become a fickle football fan just watching one team. I couldn't tell you who won 8 of the last ten (I know the last two cos we got to the semis and I was a little interested). Last final I watched, we won!
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    Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread

    Walking out before the semi-final second leg after 17 years working with Klopp...definitely a strange one. It'd be like Jesus suddenly leaving. It's bound to have some sort of impact considering he was known as 'the brain' of the partnership!