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    Pochettino hails Erik Lamela after tough 18 months

    Taken a while to get back up to speed after the "injury"......drugs ban (cough cough)
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    Kane hits out at claims he 'came back too early'

    He looks no where near fit. Either that or he is knackered.
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    United v Spurs - team news (FA Cup Semi Final)

    Would like to see Wanyama rather than Dier and maybe Toby ahead of Sanchez
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    Why changes to the Champions League rules is fantastic news for Tottenham

    5:55pm KO? How are people meant to get there after work?
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    Son Heung-Min confused by ruled-out penalty

    You can't stop on your run up, has to be one continuous motion - Son could have made a cup of tea, the amount of time he stopped. Was never a pen in the first place though - foul began outside the box so should have been a free kick.
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    Ryan Mason retires

    Such a shame. Hopefully he'll remain in the game in some capacity and get himself over to WHL next season
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    Poch: Rochdale pitch could be a threat to player welfare

    Man up! The state of some of the grassroots pitches that are used week in week out not to mention some of the pitches of years gone by.
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    Moura in contention for Tottenham debut

    No one relies on Sissoko. Suspect Wanyama may get a start in place of Dier ( too many silly mistakes)
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    Spurs monitor Stevenage youngster

    Or just look at the records for his electronic tag ;-)
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    Alli to be offered improved Tottenham contract

    Wish I was offered a big pay rise for doing pretty much sod all for the last few months.
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    NKoudou close to Burnley loan

    Is it really a shock?
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    Rose expects to be fit to face Manchester United

    Play, prove fitness, travel back on UTD coach after signing deal in car park :p
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    Double delight for Lamela, ends more than a year out AND becomes dad

    So 12 month drugs ban followed by a month to get fit. It all falls into place now :sneaky:
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    Zaha could be the final piece in Pochettino's Spurs jigsaw

    I heard he fancies a move to West Ham now Moyes is there;)
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    Onomah wants to make Tottenham return

    Found his level in the Championship. No where near good enough.