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    Tottenham Hotspur vs Rochdale - Match Thread

    Sissoko was a strong runner, but in terms of technical skills, many of the Rochdale players are better than him.
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    Luis Figo hails Harry Kane and Dele Alli but warns of pressures at Real Madrid

    We've to take this as a compliment. Better to have players that are so highly prized by clubs like RM, than have players we couldn't get rid off even if we were to give them away free.
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    Toby's wage demands

    There is a difference between what is demanded and what will be accepted. If Alderweireld demands 150M, expect a compromise of 130M plus healthy bonuses. Otherwise he will be off.
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    Son happy to play second fiddle to Kane

    To think that if West Brom had accepted our bid for Berahino, we might not have bothered bidding for Son at all. What a stroke of good fortune that was!
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    Barkley slammed by Guillem Balague for moving to Chelsea

    We probably didn't try hard enough. He is still in recovery mode. The February period (Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal, Juventus) is when we needed reinforcement, but it is doubtful whether Barkley will be match-fit enough. Lamela is available, besides. No doubt our management team decides to wait...
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    Tottenham join race for Malcom

    If he's even half as good as Ginola, we should sign him in a heartbeat.
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    Winks wants Tottenham to keep aiming for League title

    Title over. We should put more effort in the FA Cup, our one realistic chance of a trophy this season.
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    Tottenham may terminate loans

    Makes sense if we do. We need to have a hugh squad to face the challenges of getting into the top 4, the CL, and the FA Cup which represents our one serious chance of winning a trophy.
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    Real Madrid 'agree to let Gareth Bale leave'

    Not a sneaking suspicion. His best days are behind him, full stop.
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    Poch: Title gap massive

    Our squad is just not big or strong enough to play two games in the week. We rely on Kane, Erikson, Delli, Vert and Sanchez so much that we can't afford to rest them. It takes a toll. Let's hope we can get some reinforcement in January.
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    Perez drew up this hitlist including Kane and Alli for Madrid transfer spree

    It's better to have players every big club wants than have players whom we couldn't get rid off.
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    Arsenal v Spurs - team news

    Yes, we have to assume those in full training will be able to play, unless they break down, or feel discomfort, during training.
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    Spurs Weigh Up Move for Manuel Lanzini

    With Karen Brady still in charge of WH, we have no chance of getting him, unless they are relagated at the end of the season.
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    Aurier pledges to turn his career around at Spurs

    He played a bad game on Sunday. But he WILL improve. Notice how Yedlin had some very good games with Newcastle lately. Wish we had loaned him out instead of selling him outright.
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    Aurier pledges to turn his career around at Spurs

    He is currently very like an early Walker, circa 2012.