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    Good news all round. The signing of a new contract following his end of season statement, must surely mean that the plans he had in mind are going to be backed. Up until that point I was more than a little downbeat, however, that gem of hope of what the gaffer envisions has me being all hopeful...
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    Spurs' valuation breaks £1billion barrier for first time

    Its great that we're valued so highly, however, I am a little surprised that once the stadium was greenlit & works progressed why there have been no super-rich investors looking to buy the club? I'm pleased we're in solid hands, however, considering the NFL deal, the regeneration of the area...
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    Guardiola reveals how Spurs caused him to "suffer"

    That performance was brilliant; it was a performance without fear, characterised by bravery that was underpinned with a hunger to impose ourselves on the opponent. That intensity & desire was very much lacking in the last game at home, as we looked tepid & afraid. We didn't press them all over...
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    Pochettino urges Levy to sell wantaway stars quickly

    Makes sense really; get rid of the players that aren't part of the vision & integrate the newly acquired players who will form the new project. Its important that Levy follow what the gaffer has said & not quibble too much on the price because the shaping of the squad, itself is what's important...
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    Pochettino: club must 'take risks' to improve

    I think its quite positive. The Poch is normally quite guarded, however, this statement of intent wouldn't have been made if there wasn't a strong chance of it happening. Despite the disappointment of no trophies, this has been a good season & 3 out 4 seasons with CL qualification has earned the...
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    Lloris: Top-four finish 'means more than a trophy' to Spurs

    Its a scary & frustrating fact of not only football, but life. Never has it paid so well to be simply 'decent', as it has now. It used to be the winners who would walk away with the glory, the riches & all the trappings of success, however, qualifying 4th for a competition is now more lucrative...
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    Lloris issues message to teammates

    All good & well to say that Hugo, however, the players have properly fudged the end of this season. Losing in the Champions League following a positive result in Italy due to naivety in our adaptation to the opposition's change in formation was poor. Losing in the FA Cup when we were in front &...
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    Tottenham are scouting Hee-chan Hwang

    After watching a snippet of his perceived quality, I would advise against it; he's too slow & his 1st touch isn't anything to write home about. I'd be more tempted to look at the likes of Martial, Malcolm etc.
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    Poch: Trophy only a matter of time

    A matter of time, indeed, however it strikes me that when it comes to trophies he downplays everyone, except the league & champions league. This is one of a number of bug-bears that I have with the Poch. Year after year expenditures on transfers & wages increases at an alarming rate. The...
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    Tottenham line up move for Cedric Soares

    I wouldn't really want him because he'd be quite expensive, even if the Saints go down & he's not been spectacular since being there. Ryan Bertrand has been better, but at his age & the cost, it wouldn't really be feasible. I've seen Fulham a few times this season & our old trainee, Ryan...
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    What Wembley sale would mean for Tottenham

    The deal does put a dampener on what we're trying to forge with the NFL, however, there will still be the preference to use our pitch because we've built the stadium with the idea that NFL teams would use it. The 10-year agreement also gives us plenty of time to negotiate the next phase of NFL...
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    What Poch actually meant

    Disappointed that we seem to be 'the nearly men' of the league. I don't believe that we need an African nation's national deficit in order to win a title, despite it helping, its not a sustainable way to keep moving forward. I still believe we don't move the ball quickly enough in the midfield...
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    Dembele ready to end Spurs career and move to China

    As wonderful as it is to watch him in full-flow, its not a bad deal all round considering, his age, fitness etc. I prefer to get as much as we could for him, whilst researching the likes of Ndombele, Frenkie De Jong to replace him. It would be a shame to lose him, however, if he wants to leave...
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    Chelsea 1-3 Spurs : BBC Match Report

    At 1-0 down, I was quite calm & knew that we had more than enough quality to make more of the game. The boss deserves massive credit for changing player positions around for the 2nd half. It would have been easy to have kept it the same, however the Poch wasn't to be had. The versatility of...
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    Pochettino’s warning to Alderweireld

    Football is & always should be a meritocracy; Toby has been injured quite seriously & needs to build himself back up to the levels of his team-mates. I don't believe his contract wrangling has endeared him to the staff either because who is going to want a player who is not at optimum level & is...