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    Inter v Spurs - team news

    Thats a good team. Once all fit, then I'd have the usual suspects of Alli, Dier, Alderweireld, Trippier, Lloris, Rose & Eriksen in place of Lamela, Wanyama, Sanchez, Aurier, Vorm, Davies & Dembele, respectively. The 1-4-2-3-1 would work as well, instead of my preferred formation of 1-4-3-3, by...
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    Pochettino's tactics did not help vs Liverpool

    I've said it in other threads, but we have the players to play 1-4-3-3 & yet we played with a diamond & asked DIer to play in the middle rather than the base. Our CM's are too far away from LFC's wider-sitting midfielders & fullbacks, they were just picked off as soon as both fullbacks rushed...
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    Pochettino post Liverpool press conference

    It was crap. If its not fatigue, then its complacency & lack of intensity. Simply not good enough from a group thats been heavily billed in the last few seasons. The gaffer has to take responsibility for the crappy formation as well; why we couldn't have started with Lamela, Kane & Moura in a...
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    Match Threads Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool FC

    I think we need much braver. Its been echoed over & again that we need players who willing to give there very best at for every minute of play. Should that require bringing Amos, or playing Lamela, then thats what we need. The formation is screwed as well, with us playing without much width or...
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    If Tottenham’s carelessness continues they could pay a heavy price

    If anything good comes away from the Watford game is that the back-three doesn't work when you have no pace in the wing-back areas. The CB's looked good in the 1st-half, but we lacked any cutting edge. The only good thing about the absence of Alli is that Eriksen will be pushed in to the '10'...
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    Son returns to Tottenham

    Would be great to see Son & Lucas, alongside Kane in a front three, with Alli & Eriksen playing the Silva & De Bruyne roles, respectively. That would be frightening & we'd have a genuine counter-attacking threat, as well as having an excellent possession game.
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    Own grown players in the Premiership falls below a third for the first time.

    I believe the issue is a mixture of both players not getting chances & also having wedge-loads of cash thrown at them from a very early age, which gives them licence to not bother. Its a contemporary issue of managers being under-pressure when not even having played 10 x games, which means they...
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    Pochettino: I’m the first person responsible for Watford defeat

    Unless you have the speed of Rose & Walker in the wing-back areas, then the system falls apart. We looked solid in the 1st half, but we rarely looked dangerous. Infuriated that we kept hitting long-balls when the space in behind was rarely there. Need to resort back to the 4-man defence & get...
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    Lucas Moura in keeping with Spurs traditions

    Lucas Moura is more than capable of being a superstar at the New Lane. Its great to see someone terrorise a defence at pace & would be great to see both he & Son with Kane in a front 3; Alli, Eriksen & Dier as the 10, the 8 & the 6 Probably need one more wide-forward to supplement the squad &...
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    Man Utd 0-3 Spurs : OS Match Report

    Very good result, but we definitely need to bring the intensity & sharpness from minute 1 in future games because the likes of Man CIty & Liverpool will have you 2 or 3 down. The amount of times our players were caught in possession because they didn't scan was shocking. Our passing game needs...
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    Edwards scores as Spurs U23s draw at Liverpool

    There's a very good player there & for the life of me I don't understand why he doesn't eat 'humble pie' & talk to the gaffer about wanting to knuckle down for a chance at the 1st team. The Poch has clearly shown that with the right attitude & application he will give you a chance. The time to...
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    Wanyama picks up knee injury, could miss Barcelona friendly

    Wanyama was immense in his 1st season with us, but that knee injury certainly took its & he never seemingly the same intensity to his performances. I felt his passing game was very average & he just didn't look the same. I've been thinking for a while that we need another player to challenge...
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    Shrimpers beaten in friendly

    Good to see Lamela at the heart of proceedings, as well as seeing Lucas & Aurier linking up well together. It would be interesting to see what position Lamela played because he does have a good eye for a pass & has a great engine. Sadly, the pace to beat a man isn't one of his specialties...
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    Why Mousa Dembele wants to leave

    Thats a real shame. I wish the gaffer had got hold of him at the time AVB was there because he'd have been one of those who would have become a real world-beater. An absolute beast in terms of his physique, but has the finesse & clarity of technique to glide past players. I keep thinking...
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    Spurs show interest in Juan Quintero

    He certainly possesses the close control & inventiveness to be a part of the squad, however, he hasn't always the been a model professional that the Poch demands. Prior to the tournament, Quintero had lost focus, got fat & even fancied himself as a musician, which certainly wouldn't be music to...